A look at Tooth Whiteners

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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Colgate Night Effects is a paste, that is ďpaintedĒ on your teeth before you go to bed, for 14 days as well. I have personally tested out both of these products and have found that most others agree thatrepparttar Crest Whitestrips arerepparttar 137803 superior method. I noticed a much greater level of whitening after usingrepparttar 137804 Whitestrips, and was much more impressed withrepparttar 137805 ease of application, andrepparttar 137806 time involved in using them. Whitestrips are simple to use, and can be used anywhere. Iíve popped them on at work, and no one will even notice that Iím wearing them. Crest Night Effects are a bit cheaper of a solution and if you donít mind waking up with a chalky feeling in your mouth, they might berepparttar 137807 product for you.

Before trying out any bleaching solution I would recommend talking to your dentist, as he or she knows your teethrepparttar 137808 best, and will be able to guide you inrepparttar 137809 right direction.


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Skin and Hair Care Guide for the Summers

Written by Alicia Caldelas

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HAIR: Try using a sunscreen for your hair. Leaving on a conditioner with UV protection is a great bet for dry and brittle hair. Products for treated hair are a must in summer, besides regularly using liss and fizz control solutions. A regular oil massage too helps. Try deep-conditioning treatment, asrepparttar sun-rays damagerepparttar 137724 hair.

THE GOLDEN RULE: You need to regularly followrepparttar 137725 three golden rules of cleansing, toning and moisturising for a healthy skin and fabulous glow.

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