A little knowledge goes a long way

Written by Tom Sabella

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Listed below are some web sights and reading material that will help you understandrepparttar music business and keep you from making some simple mistakes. Take time to look at all ofrepparttar 101105 pages listed and bookmarkrepparttar 101106 ones that you think will be helpful.

Performing Rights Organizations Songwriters, Copyrights, forms, publishers BMI Bmi.com ASCAP ascap.com SESAC sesac.com/gov

Copyrights Benedict.com U.S. Copyrights lcweb.loc.copyright/forms General Business Sources Small business Development Center 1.800.827.5722 Wall Street Journal Forbes Magazine Money Magazine

Music Business Billboard.com Musicbizacadmey.com

Reading Material How to Promote Your Music Successfully onrepparttar 101107 Internet The Musicians Atlas 2001 Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook & Auto tape The Indie Contact Bible Gig Magazine

All these books are available at amazon.com or your local bookstore

Tom Sabella, a native of Hubbard, Ohio, grew up in the late fifties in a close-knit family with strong a religious background. His musical career began in adolescence with the church youth group and, at sixteen, he was performing with his band, The Acts, in New York City.

Tom inherited a flair for business from his father, an executive for Phar-mor. Always a leader, he sang with, managed, and marketed The Acts, and co-owned a recording studio.

"I Want My Ad In NOW, Not LATER!"

Written by BJ Evans

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Now, of course, you have to continue sending those ads in on a regular basis, just as you have been, so they will KEEP appearing every week.

Especially with FREE-ad ezines, they will at times have a backlog of ads, which isrepparttar reason forrepparttar 101104 delay in printing your ad. But, since they are free, we all need to have a little patience, be thankful forrepparttar 101105 free ads, and plan our advertising way ahead of time. I keep a separate log sheet for every ezine I advertise in. That way I know exactly which days I need to sendrepparttar 101106 next ads in.

As a side note, most ezines that offer free ads will only allow 1 ad per week, per advertiser. Don't try to beatrepparttar 101107 system by sending in more than your one ad. It won't work, because you just might wind up having NO ad placed. After all,repparttar 101108 ads are free, so please respectrepparttar 101109 wishes ofrepparttar 101110 publisher. You'll win inrepparttar 101111 long run.

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BJ Evans has been online for several years, writing a few articles, now and then, as the mood strikes. And, when a topic of interest appears.

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