A Workable Alternative to Term Limits

Written by Terry Mitchell

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To prevent a complete turnover every four years, terms could be staggered so that halfrepparttar members ofrepparttar 125917 House are up for re-election every two years. However, inrepparttar 125918 first House election under my plan, half ofrepparttar 125919 House would get four-year terms, withrepparttar 125920 other half getting two-year terms. A way to determine who getsrepparttar 125921 four-year terms inrepparttar 125922 initial election would be as follows: The House member in each state with widest margin of victory in that election would get a four-year term. The 168 remaining members (on an at-large basis) withrepparttar 125923 next highest victory margins would also get four-year terms, for a total of 218. The remaining 217 members would get only two-year terms for that election only. Forrepparttar 125924 next election only, members who got two-year terms would be allowed to run for re-election, without sitting out two years. Then, beginning with that election, they would all get four-year terms andrepparttar 125925 term interruptions rules would fully take effect.

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How The Republicans Stole The 2004 US Election

Written by T.D. Roberts

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Very unusual results in Ohio:

In many voting precincts, more votes were cast thanrepparttar number of people who voted. In Cuyahoga county alone, over 93,000 more votes were recorded than registered voters.

In some precincts, ten timesrepparttar 125916 number of votes were submitted thanrepparttar 125917 number of registered voters. To date, no logical explanation has been given for this. Remember, those 93,000 votes are included inrepparttar 125918 state totals that give Bush a 136,000 victory inrepparttar 125919 state, and that is just one county.

In many democratic areas, people waited hours to vote, while Republicans "challenged" voters' rights to vote, forcing them to fill out a provisional ballot instead of a real ballot. The provisional ballots were not counted on election day.

Flyers were sent to democratic areas with an array of false information on them. People were told their voting precinct had changed, that their voter registration was not valid, or that they would go to jail if they tried to vote.

There are many reports of not enough voting machines being placed in heavily democratic and minority areas. Many Kerry supporters had to wait in line 8 hours to vote.

In one precinct in Ohio, over 4,258 votes were given to Bush where there were only 638 registered voters.

In addition torepparttar 125920 touch screen machines that produce no paper trail, they are now finding more and more evidence of problems withrepparttar 125921 "optical scanners" that were used to tabulaterepparttar 125922 results in many states. In this case, many people did fill out a paper ballot, and these ballots were fed into scanners that totalledrepparttar 125923 results. These scanners were also manufactured by Diebold and ESS in many cases and are easily hacked.

Many more stories aboutrepparttar 125924 black box voting machines, optical scanners, their problems, andrepparttar 125925 investigation into their tampering are listed onrepparttar 125926 main page. Blackboxvoting.org is leadingrepparttar 125927 way inrepparttar 125928 investigation to provingrepparttar 125929 results were tampered with. Investigations: Six congressmen have sent a letter torepparttar 125930 General Accountability Office and asked for urgent attention and investigation, citing tens of thousands of voting irregularities. Ralph Nader has also begun an investigation into Diebold and ESS, starting with a hand recount ofrepparttar 125931 state of New Hampshire." *

* Evidence cited from:

http://www.stolenelection2004.com/ http://www.stolenelection2004.com/links.html http://stolenelection.blogspot.com/

The 6 billion plus people inrepparttar 125932 world need to realize thatrepparttar 125933 United States of America is no longer a free Country. Those that control it, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney andrepparttar 125934 rest ofrepparttar 125935 right wing extremists, are incredibly dangerous men with a fascist agenda bent on shapingrepparttar 125936 world according to their own disturbing neoconsevative beliefs.

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