A Word Fitly Spoken ~ Destiny

Written by C.L. Mareydt

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Within life Destiny can be as simple and heartwarming as apple pie. It can produce a force that glows withinrepparttar heart one moment, to be not realizedrepparttar 124172 next. That's Destiny. It marks your life whether young or old or in-between. Maybe in a dozen small moments and maybe in one grand moment. But Destiny works it's grace upon us all asrepparttar 124173 seconds of our life pass in all its choices.

If not seen ofrepparttar 124174 many, it is beheld within one's heart. Destiny often draws like a magnet in directions unplanned only chosen. But most often in a quiet way Destiny awaits your choices. Destiny awaits your time. Your purpose. Your heart.

Destiny is after all, your response to life and life's response to you!

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In Disguise - "One Woman's Story"

Written by Dymnpece

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Atrepparttar age of 36 an amazing surgical procedure enabled her to recover her eyesight and later began retracing her roots... Allrepparttar 124171 years she experienced first hand of what it was like to be treated unfair, with cruelty, racialism and prejudice and above all what it was like to be BLACK and LIVING a lie.


As a Native of Lake Charles, LA, this talented young woman has had many accomplishments, from being a Versatile Songwriter/Lyricist/Spoken Word Artist to an Outstanding Professional Poet/Aspiring Actress and well on her way to becoming an Upcoming Author. The name "Dymnpece" manifestly justifies for itself.


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