A Woman Simplifiying Her Life

Written by Judi Singleton

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Ask yourself four questions before accepting any obligation: Will this help me to reach my vision? Will this help me to accomplish any of my goals? Will I enjoy myself? Will this interfere with other obligations? Determine if this activity will fit your life based on your answers before committing yourself. Start turning off your cell phone and using it only when you need to call someone. Set aside a specific time each day to answer emails or messages to avoid changing course each time you return a phone call. Use automatic payments or bank online to have bills paid automatically each month.

Take your most difficult or dreaded tasks and complete them first thing inrepparttar morning. Get them out ofrepparttar 144285 way in order to allow yourself to concentrate on other tasks rather than worrying aboutrepparttar 144286 ones you really don't want to do. Know that where you are right now is exactly where you should be. Don't worry if you haven't accomplished what you think you should have or what others expect you to accomplish. Be okay with where you are and work forward from there. Find 10-20 minutes each day to sit and relax, do nothing, or meditate. This is a few minutes to reflect on your day, your vision and to clear your mind. Understand that simplifying your life is an ongoing process. I just keep simplifying my life. It is an ongoing process.

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Sucessful Aging

Written by Judi Singleton

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A second major theory of aging, referred to as "activity theory", proposed that people age most successfully when they participate in a full round of daily activities, that is, keep busy (Lemon, Bengtson & Peterson (1972). This theory seemed to explainrepparttar surge of volunteerism and senior activism inrepparttar 144284 1960s and 1970s and may have been partly responsible for public policies which underwroterepparttar 144285 development of senior centers and other recreational facilities in that period. Today,repparttar 144286 theory has been discarded by gerontologists who view it as too narrow in its implied advocacy of one particular lifestyle. Empirical research has demonstratedrepparttar 144287 heterogeneity of older people, including many people who prefer less structured lives or do not haverepparttar 144288 health or means to pursue a full schedule of activities. Nevertheless, activity is widely touted by older adults themselves asrepparttar 144289 key to successful aging, so much so that gerontologists have dubbed this philosophy "the busy ethic" (Ekerdt, 1986). I never liked this theory why should older adults give away there time. They are more experienced and better able to mentor. They should in my opinion be hired as mentors to business. Successful Aging

Aging is something we all have in common. But I truely believe we can choose a lot of how we age. We can eat right, take vitamins, exercise our body and our minds. We can grow spiritually. We can find things that interest us. For me this is writing and research. I am not very consistant in eating right and exercising. I don't know why this is because I am really motivated to exercise and eat right for a while then I lose my motivation. I work nights and sometimes I just get really tired and don't want to do anything but sleep. But I have that choice and I know it will effect how I age. We all have done something for a living for a long while and I have been a caregiver now for ten years or more but I have been many other things in life and I haverepparttar 144290 capacity to work at another profession. It is just overcoming procrastionation. It is hard to change somethings don't fit anymore but we go on doing them anyway. As I write and research more about this I will let you know how I do.

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