A Winning Web Site Requires Winning Words

Written by Oscar Bruce

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Onlyrepparttar right words can generate profits in any endeavor. Graphics can't get it done. Dazzling colors will not. Only moving and inspiring words can accomplish that mission.

You may have magical powers when you sell your ideas in person. Sure you can charm a dog off a meat wagon, personally. But, you are not there. Your ad's message rests entirely onrepparttar 129867 tone, color, and flavor ofrepparttar 129868 language. The words and phrases must carry your message, without benefit of your compelling presence. You can't rely on your great smile, or your winning body language. Only your Web site's words will tellrepparttar 129869 world who you are, what you do.

Expand your inventory of words and expressions to use with promotional materials, also in your personal conversations.

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And what do you do?... How to know when you're a writer!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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One ofrepparttar biggest stumbling blocks for a writer is "fear." Don't be afraid to send your work out. People will compliment you and criticize you. In all cases, takerepparttar 129865 feedback, positive or negative, graciously!

--- I write stuff, too. ---

When I was young, I wrote onrepparttar 129866 bathroom stalls in Catholic elementary school. I created some spectacular poetry! When Sister Butch, ofrepparttar 129867 Order ofrepparttar 129868 Most Vicious Blood, caught me, that wasrepparttar 129869 end of my career, and nearly my life. Everybody can write, but not everybody can be a writer.

Being a writer is not just putting words onrepparttar 129870 paper. It involves research, organization, thought, creative wordplay, andrepparttar 129871 ability to sit still long enough to put it all together.

This short article is a reasonable example. It started out in my head as "Why write?" and evolved based on some thought. Writing isrepparttar 129872 evolution of ideas into something between fact and fiction. It'srepparttar 129873 evolution of presentation into something coherent torepparttar 129874 largest audience. It's a fantasy that turns into a reality once you figure out what it is that you're trying to say!

--- And, what made you write? ---

It wasn't some miracle or premonition. Honestly. Someone made me madder than a hornet. To make a long story short, I designed and developed an idea for a product that would save a previous employer a lot money. I did all ofrepparttar 129875 financial work, software engineering, implementation, and testing to proverepparttar 129876 idea.

During my presentation,repparttar 129877 senior engineers scoffed atrepparttar 129878 idea. So I took my notes, wrote a manuscript, and submitted it to various publishers. A month later, a publisher picked uprepparttar 129879 manuscript and we signed a contract to publish it. It all took off from there! That's it!

There are a million reasons to write, but I found later that you don't need a reason if you love it. It takes just one situation to get you started intorepparttar 129880 addictive world of writing! But, all you really have to do is ...

--- Just write! ---

I don't write on bathroom walls anymore because it's too hard for our housekeeper to keep up withrepparttar 129881 work. But, I do carry around a palmtop just in case I get an idea! For now ... just write everything you can as often as possible. Once you getrepparttar 129882 hang of it, writing becomes an addiction. Write because you can take an idea and tell it torepparttar 129883 rest ofrepparttar 129884 world. Write because your wife has another headache. Write because you can make money. Write so thatrepparttar 129885 next time someone asks what you do, you can say, "I'm a writer!"

Edward B. Toupin is a freelance consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas with his singer/actress wife. He currently handles technical writing tasks for various companies in New York, Chicago, and Denver as well as imagineers and markets feature-length screenplays.

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