Written by Debbie Bailey

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Inrepparttar presentation context, APOLOGIES are almost always unnecessary. NEVER APOLOGIZE for anything, except perhaps if you step on an audience member’s foot or if you have so much energy that your booming voice blasts in their ear. Even then, your APOLOGY should be framed positively… “I am sorry. I am so excited to be here, I nearly brokerepparttar 107968 microphone!”


EXCUSES are things we say to eliminaterepparttar 107969 responsibility we have for our success (or lack there of it). Like APOLOGIES, EXCUSES tell your audience not to expect a lot from your presentation because you have very good reasons (i.e.repparttar 107970 EXCUSE) for not being able to deliver.

“I just found out about this presentation yesterday so I didn’t have much time to prepare,” is a common and frankly, over used, EXCUSE. Other then tellingrepparttar 107971 audience NOT to expect a lot from you because you aren’t prepared to deliver, what positive purpose does this EXCUSE serve?

Before you make another EXCUSE, remember what it feels like to be onrepparttar 107972 receiving end of someone else’s excuses. If that doesn’t stop you, I don’t know what will!


The CONFESSION is what happens whenrepparttar 107973 presenter tellsrepparttar 107974 audience something they have no business knowing. My favorite confession goes something like this…

“I’m really nervous today.”

The CONFESSION “I’m really nervous today” letsrepparttar 107975 audience know right offrepparttar 107976 bat that you will probably be a disappointment because you aren’t a very good presenter. It’s our strange attempt to setrepparttar 107977 bar really low.

So why do we makerepparttar 107978 CONFESSION? CONFESSING your nervousness to your audience lets you offrepparttar 107979 hook for performing well! Whilerepparttar 107980 audience may chuckle politely at your CONFESSION, many audience members stop listening carefully because they know that you are probably too “nervous” to meet their needs.

NEVER CONFESS torepparttar 107981 audience your nervousness and chances are, they will not know. Remember that while anxiety feels bad,repparttar 107982 truth is, it rarely shows. In fact, while you are worrying about your anxiety,repparttar 107983 audience is concentrating on your message and whether or not you are meeting their needs. I challenge you to live byrepparttar 107984 vow, NO APOLOGIES, NO EXCUSSES, NO CONFESSIONS. Your audience will thank you!

For much more about this and other Presentation Secrets, check outrepparttar 107985 book "15 Presentation Secrets: How to WOW Evenrepparttar 107986 Toughest Audience," by Debbie Bailey available at trainer2go.com/ebooks.html.

Debbie Bailey is author of the book "15 Presentation Secrets - How to WOW Even the Toughest Audience." She is well known for her life changing presentation skills classes. In addition to training at some of the most successful companies in Corporate America, Debbie has also taught Presentation Skills for United States Marines, San Diego State University, and UCLA Extension.

Communication strategy during a time of strategic planning

Written by Lee Hopkins

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2. Tell everyone ASAP Feedback to all those affected should take place atrepparttar earliest possible opportunity —- preferably first thing next morning, beforerepparttar 107967 rumour mill has had too much time to gear up. A useful strategy is to have planning meetings on weekends, with repparttar 107968 staff briefing occuring first thing Monday morning.

3. One meeting to bind them all Aim for one single briefing or feedback session, rather than multiple sessions where watering down or distortion ofrepparttar 107969 original message might occur. Thankfully, technology largely allows such a singel session to occur, even across multiple timezones. In such an instance, scripting ofrepparttar 107970 communication would prove a valuable tool to consistency, especially whererepparttar 107971 text ofrepparttar 107972 session will appear on a company intranet.

4. Follow up and re-purpose A follow-up message (via audio, video or even simple written) to all fromrepparttar 107973 CEO, emphasingrepparttar 107974 key points, is very useful. It too can be re-purposed to appear onrepparttar 107975 company intranet, or as a briefing to investors andrepparttar 107976 marketplace.

All of this might seem like overkill, a tremendous amount of effort for very little gain. But such a view must be evaluated againstrepparttar 107977 fact thatrepparttar 107978 long-term strategic plan will drive repparttar 107979 company for anything fromrepparttar 107980 next five to fifteen years.

Investing time atrepparttar 107981 beginning to 'get it right' will pay massive dividends overrepparttar 107982 longer term.

When you match consumer psychology with effective communication styles you get a powerful combination. Lee Hopkins can show you how to communicate better for better business results. At Hopkins-Business-Communication-Training.com you can find the secrets to communication success.

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