A Winning Domain Name

Written by Debra Gravelle

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Here is why.

The hyphen breaks up a longer domain name to revealrepparttar major keywords that describe your website content or theme. This makes it easier forrepparttar 108287 visitor to understand and most importantly allowsrepparttar 108288 search engine to detect your keyword for indexing right offrepparttar 108289 bat. Cool, huh?

Moral ofrepparttar 108290 story, give your visitor a break, be nice torepparttar 108291 search engines and they'll be nice to you and give you lots of reoccurring traffic for free.

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Good Tips in Choosing a Solid Domain

Written by Gloria Cohen

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Avoid domain names that are similar or copycat to existing ones. Not only do you want to avoid legal issues, but want your brand to be distinct from that of your competitors. Granted it will take time to come up with a domain name that will work and set you apart fromrepparttar others sellingrepparttar 108286 same product or services as you.

Use your domain name to position yourself onrepparttar 108287 Web. If your domain name reflects your siteís core benefits and instantly communicates how different you are from others, your URL will be positioned aboverepparttar 108288 competition inrepparttar 108289 minds of your market.

Never use a Ďfreeí domain name. This will berepparttar 108290 worst mistake you can make when setting up your business online. Believe it or not, when consumers are researching online and see that your URL is with a free site or sites of lesser quality, will quickly turn away. In other words, if people notice that your site is hosted withrepparttar 108291 Ďfreebiesí, they will only assume that your product or service is just as cheap, or worse that you donít actually respect your products and services that you are offering. If you donít believe in your products, your own target market wonít either.

Donít makerepparttar 108292 mistake of attempting to retrofit your domain name to your website. You should have your domain name first and then your business name should berepparttar 108293 same as your domain name. You would think that most people would have their domain name exactlyrepparttar 108294 same as their business name. That isnítrepparttar 108295 case. Many online sites were not able to get domain namesrepparttar 108296 same as their business names as they were not available due to others currently using those particular names online. Hencerepparttar 108297 importance of making sure you have your domain first, then you will be able to haverepparttar 108298 same name for your website. There are domain names out onrepparttar 108299 market for sale that you may be able to purchase, but a word torepparttar 108300 wise, some of these names come with a hefty price tag. Make sure thatrepparttar 108301 name you select truly reflects your business goals and philosophy.

In conclusion, your domain name in itself isrepparttar 108302 ultimate marketing brand and is in fact,repparttar 108303 most important marketing tool you will possess. Always remember that your domain name also givesrepparttar 108304 first impression for your customers and that alone makes an impression before your customers even reach your website. Without further ado, choose your domain name carefully and wisely, add credibility fromrepparttar 108305 get-go and you should fare off very well.

Gloria Cohen has a strong background in Internet marketing in helping businesses find new customers by using effective marketing strategies. Gloria is currently an editor of http://www.emarketinganswers.com, dedicated to providing free, comprehensive emarketing resources and online promotion tools. Submit your Web site for free here.

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