A Wedding in the Bahamas

Written by Ester Napoli

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• The Bluff House Beach Hotel located in Green Turtle Bay, Abaco, Bahamas, offers a wedding package that includes: a wedding coordinator, a wedding cake, a minister or administrator to performrepparttar ceremony, a photographer,repparttar 122023 bride’s bouquet and a bottle of champagne. They will also be happy to arrange for a live band and a buffet.

• Small Hope Bay Lodge located in Andros Island, Bahamas, is a smaller resort consisting of 20 cottages, one of which is a honeymoon cottage. It offers a simple wedding package for $500 which includes allrepparttar 122024 necessary paper work, a cake and champagne, a video and photos. At this resort you can get married onrepparttar 122025 beach or even underwater!

• Bahamas Wedding Paradise is an organization that offers several wedding packages. You can select one of their packages or design your own. Packages range in price from $360 to over $3000 (please note that Bahamas Wedding Paradise is not a hotel or a resort).

Makerepparttar 122026 wedding of your dreams a reality and start your married life inrepparttar 122027 tropical paradise ofrepparttar 122028 Bahamas.

Ester Napoli: One of my passions is traveling and the one place I fell in love with was the Bahamas; the white sand, clear waters, friendly environment. It is paradise on earth. See my website (http://www.gloriousbahamas.com/) Glorious Bahamas Real Estate.

There’s More to Wedding Invitations Than You Might Think

Written by Sara Haese

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Map Cards: These direction cards would be included as a convenience for any guests who might not be familiar withrepparttar location ofrepparttar 122022 church and/or reception.

Printed Invitation Envelope Flaps: This option of having your return address printed onrepparttar 122023 outside envelope can save you valuable time and ensure that undeliverable invitations are returned to you. There is a small cost involved but it also gives an address to those who might not be able to attend but still want to send you a card or gift.

Lined Inner Envelopes: For a small charge, you can request your inner envelopes have a colored lining to add a special touch to your invitation ensemble. Color choices will vary depending onrepparttar 122024 invitation style you choose.

Envelope Seals: These self-adhesive labels add justrepparttar 122025 right finishing touch. They are available in many styles and are used on your outer envelope making it look like they are holdingrepparttar 122026 flap down even though it has already been sealed.

Informal Notes: These are used separately from your invitations but should be included with your original order since they are usually printed on matching paper and this will save you on shipping costs. They are personalized with either your names or monogram onrepparttar 122027 front withrepparttar 122028 inside being blank for writing your thank you notes. Any leftovers can be used long afterrepparttar 122029 wedding for other purposes. Blank mailing envelopes are included with them.

Not all ofrepparttar 122030 above items are necessary to make your wedding invitations complete. Remember, this is your special day, so it’s your decision as to which ones you would like to include as part of your invitation ensemble.

Sara Haese is the owner of http://www.PrintedCreationsWeddingStore.com where you'll find hundreds of wedding invitation styles as well as save the dates and wedding accessories. Visitors to this website can also sign up for a free Wedding Invitation Guide. Sara can be reached anytime at sara@printedcreationsweddingstore.com.

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