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Written by T.D. Roberts

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VoteToImpeach ad has appeared in full page ads inrepparttar New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle,repparttar 125873 Boston Globe, as well as in other U.S. newspapers, withrepparttar 125874 help of people all aroundrepparttar 125875 country.


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Written by Jard DeVille

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much money being spent by vested groups and so many politicians eager to muzzle down intorepparttar trough. His view of democracy has little or nothing to do with serving society’s people. Unless, of course, they went to Harvard or Yale. When Bush claims to love America and to supportrepparttar 125872 American people, he thinks of America as beingrepparttar 125873 financial aristocracy with whom his family had golfed for generations. He is part ofrepparttar 125874 group that at a Texas Republican Convention stood and chanted for fifteen minutes, “We arerepparttar 125875 real Americans, we arerepparttar 125876 real Christians.“ They received a standing ovation. The rest of society are see byrepparttar 125877 entire Bush family as servants and as flunkeys who are never of any significance. When Bush was first running for political office, he asked a consultant to brief him on how to win over poor people. He said, “I have no experience with them -- I have never known a poor person in my life.” Of course,repparttar 125878 idea of exporting democracy to Iraq and Iran came late fromrepparttar 125879 Bush White House. It wasn’t even a whisper untilrepparttar 125880 scams about weapons of mass destruction andrepparttar 125881 cooperation of Hussein and bin Laudin as terrorists collapsed completely. Only then didrepparttar 125882 president’s staff work aroundrepparttar 125883 clock trying desperately to find something with which they could convincerepparttar 125884 naïve American masses was worth sacrificing their sons and daughters for. Obviously, withrepparttar 125885 great propaganda machine available torepparttar 125886 Bush people now, evenrepparttar 125887 parents of dead and wounded kids are persuaded that their children were somehow serving a noble American cause when they were actually being wasted by cynical abusers who saw an opportunity to project American power intorepparttar 125888 region with allrepparttar 125889 oil reserves. Of course,repparttar 125890 vast majority of grieving parents could not bearrepparttar 125891 horror of believing that a son or daughter was maimed or died forrepparttar 125892 greater profit of Texaco or British Petroleum. Such a thought must be repressed, has to be adjusted in order to easerepparttar 125893 pain, especially whenrepparttar 125894 Commander In Chief praises their sacrifices as a noble duty to God and country rather than to benefitrepparttar 125895 robber barons for whom Bush is their spokesman.

If you support George Bush, knowing what is going onrepparttar 125896 Middle East, after learning thatrepparttar 125897 Pentagon is projectingrepparttar 125898 occupation for five to ten more years, with Iranrepparttar 125899 next attack on Bush’s drawing board, and more casualties occurring regularly, stop pretending to care. Forgetrepparttar 125900 twenty year old boys with ghastly head wounds I was with yesterday atrepparttar 125901 Veteran’s Affairs Hospital. Bush has made it easy to forget them -- he won’t even let anyone grieve over their caskets. Out of sight really is out of mind for people who perceive our boys and girls as a resource -- while Bush is orchestrating yet another cut inrepparttar 125902 V A budget. If you like what Bush is doing to America and its growing number of peasants whose children can only find work by takingrepparttar 125903 King‘s shilling, you are either part ofrepparttar 125904 problem or so naïve you cannot find your way throughrepparttar 125905 thickets of propaganda used to trick you into abandoningrepparttar 125906 Republic, into sacrificingrepparttar 125907 lives of many Americans and Iraqis alike. You really deserve him as your tyrant.

Jard DeVille; Psyc. Dept. Chair at Westminster College; leadership psychology at the University of Arizona at Tucson; published psychology books, seminars and psychological assessment instruments. NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST was a best seller. He’s considered by many to be America’s foremost leadership scholar. Visit http://www.fulfillmentforum.com for FREE EBooks & EBiz Tools.

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