A Way for Search Engines to Improve

Written by Richard Zwicky

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What Can I Do To Score Higher With Click Popularity Algorithms?

Sincerepparttar scores that generate search engine rankings are based on numerous factors, there's no magic formula to improve your site's placement. It's a combination of things. Optimizing your content, structure and meta tags, and increasing keyword density won't directly change how your site performs in click-tracking systems, but optimizing them will help your web site's stickiness measurement by ensuring thatrepparttar 128132 content is relevant torepparttar 128133 search query. This relevance will help it move uprepparttar 128134 rankings and thus improve its click popularity score.

Search Engines Can Userepparttar 128135 Click Through Strategy to Improve Results

Search engines need to keep an eye to new technologies and innovative techniques to improverepparttar 128136 quality of their search results. Their business model is based on providing highly relevant results to a query quickly and efficiently. If they deliver inaccurate results too often, searchers will go elsewhere to find a more reliable information resource. The proper and carefully balanced application of usage data, such as that collected by Alexa, combined with a comprehensive ranking algorithm could be employed to improverepparttar 128137 quality of search results for web searchers.

Such a ranking formula would certainly cause some waves withinrepparttar 128138 search engine community and with good reason. It would turn existing search engine results on their head by demonstrating that search results need not be passive. Public feedback to previous search results could be factored into improving future search results.

Is any search engine employing such a ranking formula? The answer is yes. Exactseek recently announced it had implemented such a system, making itrepparttar 128139 first search engine to integrate direct customer feedback into its results. Exactseek still places an emphasis on content and quality of optimization, so a well optimized web site, which meets their guidelines will perform well. What this customer feedback system will do is validaterepparttar 128140 entire process, automatically lettingrepparttar 128141 search engine know how well received a search result is. Popular results will get extended views, whereas unpopular results will be pushed down in ranking.

Exactseek has recently entered into a variety of technology alliances, includingrepparttar 128142 creation of an Exactseek Meta Tag awarded solely to web sites that meet their quality of optimization standards. Cumulatively, their alliances combine to dramatically improve their search results.

ExactSeek's innovative approach to ranking search results could berepparttar 128143 beginning of a trend among search engines to incorporate traffic data into their ranking algorithms. The searching public will likely haverepparttar 128144 last word, but webmasters and search engine marketers should take notice thatrepparttar 128145 winds of change are once again blowing onrepparttar 128146 search engine playing field.

About The Author Richard Zwicky is a founder andrepparttar 128147 CEO of Metamend Software, a Victoria, B.C. based firm whose cutting edge Search Engine Optimization software has been recognized aroundrepparttar 128148 world as a leader in its field. Employing a staff of 10,repparttar 128149 firm's business comes from aroundrepparttar 128150 world, with clients from every continent. Most recentlyrepparttar 128151 company was recognized for their geo-locational, or GIS technology, which correlates online businesses with their physical locations, as well as their cutting edge advances in contextual search algorithms.

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Richard Zwicky is a founder and the CEO of Metamend Software, a Victoria, B.C. based firm whose cutting edge Search Engine Optimization software has been recognized around the world as a leader in its field. Most recently the company was recognized for their geo-locational, or GIS technology, which correlates online businesses with their physical locations, as well as their cutting edge advances in contextual search algorithms.

Link Exchanges - What They Can Do For Your Business (Part 2)

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Another little "Timbit",

Give visitors your link information!

Please add your "Link Information" that you would want visitors to add on their site! I've gone to too many sites were I had to spend over 5 minutes trying to find their "Link Exchange" information!

Now i'm not talking about a link on your site to your link program, i'm talking aboutrepparttar 128131 information you would give to other sites in order to exchange links!

Denying link exchanges!

Get ready, it happens to all of us! Don't get upset when a company you just linked to has just denied your link exchange! Many companies out there has STRICT guidelines they are looking for. You may have not read their specific rules they have! Don't worry about it, take a note and move on.

There's another 1,000 000 that will link to you so don't go have a drink from one denial! I know we all hate them but just remember, we've all got them!

Inrepparttar 128132 future, when you're put in a situation were you will berepparttar 128133 one denying another site for a link exchange, just remember how you felt atrepparttar 128134 time and be considerate torepparttar 128135 other by telling them WHY they were denied. I often replied torepparttar 128136 site that denied my site to ask why my site wasn't accepted and often I am surprised to hearrepparttar 128137 reason. what they had to say!

I hope this article has opened your mind about Link Exchanges! -----------------------------------------------------

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Martin R. Lemieux Smartads - President

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