A Way To Banish Shallow Breathing And Boost Self Esteem!

Written by Tim Webb

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If you feel you often need a better posture just tryrepparttar following next time you are out walking and see how it positively changes your feelings of optimism and allows deeper breathing.

1. While walking put your chin up away from your chest.

2. Look towardsrepparttar 140341 horizon and make each step you take meaningful. Push strongly off with your feet as you walk.

3. You have now eliminated hunching and opened up your airways more fully. This is key to improving energy, strength, and feeling better!

4. Feel yourself breathing and note whether it is still shallow. If so, consciously make your breaths deeper withrepparttar 140342 inhalation moving towards your belly button.

5. Do not force or holdrepparttar 140343 breath. Just focus on combining a better posture with deeper more energising breathing.

Having done this you should feel much better! Following these simple steps will mean you are simultaneously boosting self-esteem and creating better health through your breath.

Follow these simple protocolsrepparttar 140344 next time you are out and you will quickly come to understandrepparttar 140345 saying “You can never feel down when you are looking up!”

© Tim Webb 2005

Tim Webb is a fitness instructor, Ju Jutsu instructor and competitor. He specialises in easily accessible deep breathing exercises that combine breath and mind together. His site www.BreathForSuccess.com offers a product that provides deep breathing exercises for invigorating yourself, relaxing, and highlights how your breath can be tied in with your goals to move you towards them in record time!

Motivation: 7 Ways

Written by Steve Gillman

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5. Have energy. Caffeine will substitute for health for a while, but one way or another, you need some energy to have daily motivation. Exercise, sleep well, and watch out for sugary foods -repparttar "sugar blues" will kill your motivation.

6. Createrepparttar 140311 proper mental state. It's hard to be depressed and motivated. Resolve some of your negative feelings, or at least do your important work when you are in a better mood.

7. Take a small step. Commit to raking up one bag of leaves, and soon you'll want to finishrepparttar 140312 yard. Any small step towards your goals feeds your daily motivation.

Now you have seven ways to self-motivation, but you have to actually use them. How do you get motivated to do that? Oh repparttar 140313 irony! You'll have to figure that one out yourself. By repparttar 140314 way, here's a bonus motivation method: Humor. Laughter often breaks uprepparttar 140315 feeling of being overwhelmed that sucks away motivation.

Steve Gillman writes on many self help topics including boosting brainpower, losing weight, meditation, habits of mind, creative problem solving, learning gratitude, generating luck and anything related to self improvement. You'll find more at http://www.SelfImprovementNow.com

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