A Unique Opportunity For Affiliate Recruiters

Written by Terence Tan

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These affiliate recruiters, often owners of websites, ezines, and forums that attract other webmasters, focus their energies recruiting other webmasters to sign up as their "sub-affiliates" and to sellrepparttar affiliate products.

As a result, when affiliate products are sold by their sub-affiliates, these affiliate recruiters will also get paid a referral commission.

Two important points to understand are:

1) The affiliate programs must be free to join...no "sign-up" fees, "set-up" costs, nor "product-testing" fees are involved...otherwise they become traditional multi level marketing programs, and runrepparttar 102411 risk of affiliates trying to make money by "pushing products" to other affiliates.

2) While these programs create a new role for "affiliate recruiters" who can make money by specializing in recruiting affiliates,repparttar 102412 products will still have to actually be sold to real customers forrepparttar 102413 merchant, affiliate recruiter, and affiliate to make any money.

If you are currently an affiliate merchant having problems recruiting good affiliates, why not consider using a multi tier affiliate program and let "affiliate recruiters" do this work for you?

If you happen to run a webmaster related site, or happen to know many webmasters or successful affiliates, why not consider being an "affiliate recruiter" by recommending multi tier affiliate programs?

Terence Tan is the project manager of HugeAffiliates.com, a website dedicated towards the development of Multi Tier Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business. Visit http://hugeaffiliates.com to learn more about how to multiply your affiliate referral commissions.

Secrets of super affiliates

Written by Ron Pioneer

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Super affiliates understand this, so they write their own classifieds, use their own banners and also write special reports to promote their programs. Prospects always get drawn to those who are doing something different fromrepparttar maddening crowd. So if you want to be upgraded torepparttar 102410 level of a super affiliate, STAND OUT!

The EXTRA also stands out make one a super affiliate. They add extra(s) torepparttar 102411 product they are promoting. People always want to make purchase from those who offered more value for their money.

Let's assume ten affiliates approach you withrepparttar 102412 same product and nine of them offerrepparttar 102413 same thing andrepparttar 102414 last one chose to offer some extra bonuses torepparttar 102415 product you are buying atrepparttar 102416 same amount. Which one will you probably buy from? The last one of course!

You can adopt this method too by offering a free report, course, freebie you got ofrepparttar 102417 Net, an ebook or another product that is whatrepparttar 102418 value ofrepparttar 102419 one you are promoting. You have to offer MORE if you wish to sell MORE.

Lastly another super affiliate game plan I will wan to talk about, is that super affiliates always promote products in their chosen field.

How many times have you promoted some products in a field you don't even know a hoot about? When you promote products in your own niche, you will find out that you will be more enthusiastic about it and even if you have not gone throughrepparttar 102420 product before, you can easily recommend it to people.

The manner you will say something about it will just look as if you have already gone through userepparttar 102421 product. Marketing a product in your own niche market, will always give you an added advantage because it is your area of expertise. never bother looking at which area is HOT!

Just check your own niche market out and then promote any product you find adopting allrepparttar 102422 strategies highlighted above and see what becomes of you. If you happen to be a tennis buff, and you happen to be promoting golf products, which you don't know anything about? :(

What if a prospect decides to ask you a question about golf? :( Do you think you will have anything to say? That is why it is important to stay in your own niche.

I believe you too can become a SUPER affiliate in no mean time, if you will adoptrepparttar 102423 game plan mentioned above. If others are doing it, why not you?

Never get discouraged byrepparttar 102424 mistakes of yesterday, look up to tomorrow with bright hope. NOW isrepparttar 102425 to get started!

***** Ron Pioneer, Learnrepparttar 102426 secrets to becoming a super affiliate from my website: http://www.affila.com/ *****

Ron Pioneer, Learn the secrets to becoming a super affiliate from my website: http://www.affila.com/

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