A Typical Kobra

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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pure, straight, focussed, possessive, competitive, competent, solitary, individualist, jealous, mean, honest, fare, prejudiced, trustworthy, narrowminded, brave, typical, critical, moody, impulsive, weird, A good speaker, A bad listener, unhealthy, serious, quick, tricky, A freedom-fighter, selective, dominating, patient (again often except with mankind), perfectionist, disciplined, conservative, obsessed, eccentric, and, last but not least, (metaphorically) Poisonous.

A Kobra

Protein Design: Automated protein discovery and synthesis

Written by Paras Chopra

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4. Protein Printer This isrepparttar only hardware part ofrepparttar 140233 whole procedure. It will producerepparttar 140234 desired real proteins fromrepparttar 140235 amino acid sequence received from software. It may be able to work in any ofrepparttar 140236 two ways:

* Artificial Ribosome: It will mimicrepparttar 140237 functionality ofrepparttar 140238 cell to produce proteins. We will generate an mRNA using some assembling mechanism. Then, our artificially designed Ribosome will translate it into a protein which we can use. * Artificial Recombinant DNA: We will assemble a fragment of DNA corresponding to desired amino acid sequence. Then by using some automated means we will introducerepparttar 140239 DNA into a colony of E. coli (or some other organism)/ Then E. coli will produce these synthetic proteins inrepparttar 140240 same way they produce natural proteins in recombinant DNA technology.

5. Conclusion Using this system, we only need to define: "What do we wantrepparttar 140241 protein to do?". All other procedure is automatic. We just need to tell if we want a protein to degrade plastic, convert CO2 into diamond and oxygen, and catalyze/initiate cold fusion, etc. & we will have ready made proteins. It can also help in finding proteins which will help us attain Immortality.

The potential is immense. The only need is its correct use.

Paras Chopra was born in Patiala, Punjab, India on 3rd June 1987. His interests lie in subjects ranging from Nanotechnology to Biotechnology to Artificial Intelligence. His goal in life is to achieve immortality.

Visit him at: www.paraschopra.com

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