A Time To Celebrate

Written by John Cali

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For them, this is clearly not a time to celebrate.

Chief Joseph

Every day, every moment of every day, is a time to celebrate. A time to celebrate your life. This is an exciting time to be alive on your planet.

Even though it seems, in some ways, your world is falling apart atrepparttar seams, as it were, this is a really great opportunity for you,repparttar 122258 spiritually aware, to celebrate.

First of all–you’ve heard us say this many times–life is supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to be having a good time. Life is a party, a game. Parties and games are supposed to be fun!

There has never been a better time to party or to have fun on your planet than there is right now. The energies have intensified torepparttar 122259 point where everything is manifesting faster and faster.

So be careful where you put your focus. Because,repparttar 122260 next thing you know,repparttar 122261 Universe will plop down right into your lap exactly what you’ve focused on.

This is all good–it’s all good! Compared to even a few years ago, your manifestations are now happening at lightning speed. You are all moving back intorepparttar 122262 light, intorepparttar 122263 remembering, of who you really are.

That is a cause for celebration. Letrepparttar 122264 upcoming holiday season, whether you normally celebrate it or not, be a reminder to you that life is all about celebration.

A celebration, first of all, of yourselves, andrepparttar 122265 glorious goddesses and gods you are. A celebration of allrepparttar 122266 good in your lives.

Yes, we realize you won’t find much good in your mainstream society’s way of thinking and being and doing. Butrepparttar 122267 good is there. And it’s becoming more and more apparent, despite what you may see in your news media.

This truly is a time of wondrous change and growth on your planet. A quantum leap, if you will, back towardrepparttar 122268 light, toward home.

So find something to celebrate every day of your lives, every present moment of your days.

All is well. All is as it should be. This is truly a time to celebrate.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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How to Survive Christmas using the Tarot

Written by Toni Allen

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The Emperor: A powerful father figure who likes to have his family gathered more for show than love. Gift type: Something expensive! It need not be large but must have taste, quality and usability. This man has not built his life up on trivia. Does he need a new wallet, or set of golf clubs? A years membership to his club?

The Page of Batons: Of allrepparttar tarot court cards this page isrepparttar 122257 one who symbolisesrepparttar 122258 child. When upright it is a capable child who enjoys having a go at most things, but when reversedrepparttar 122259 Page of Batons depictsrepparttar 122260 kind of child who is not very self confident and constantly requires help and reassurance, and is prone to temper tantrums. Gift type: Depending on agerepparttar 122261 Page of Batons will enjoy most toys which have an element of exploration and fun, whether a construction type toy or game. However,repparttar 122262 reversed page, needs something less complicated which does not require such a long attention span. Musical instruments which give instant gratification would suit, as well as any toy which speaks back, either as a learning aid or simply for fun.

Withrepparttar 122263 people comerepparttar 122264 problems. Here are a few simple examples of which cards can show typical Christmas problems.

The Three of Swords: Withrepparttar 122265 three of swords tarot card we find envy, jealousy and rage. Anything which isn't love. Upsets all round. Often overrepparttar 122266 festive season this can be aroused byrepparttar 122267 attitude of "He/she has a bigger, better gift than me," or by excessive alcohol. (seerepparttar 122268 nine of swords below) Arguments always abound withrepparttar 122269 three of swords.

The Four of Cups: This card when upright symbolises being rejected, which can be triggered by feeling left out or simply by not being invited! When reversedrepparttar 122270 four of cups tarot card represents, amongst other things,repparttar 122271 need for a hug and physical attention. This is not sexual attention, and therefore, especially when next torepparttar 122272 Page of Batons, will depict thatrepparttar 122273 children need playing with with their new toys.

One card which can symbolise various Christmas difficulties isrepparttar 122274 nine of swords. This card is where stress has stress and situations potentially get so complex and fraught that some folk will start to seriously hitrepparttar 122275 bottle. Drinking is generally accepted aroundrepparttar 122276 festive season but when alcohol intake becomes excessive, nastiness, bad feeling and sometimes even violence can ensue.

Not everyone has a large family or group of friends to spend Christmas with. In a reading you will often findrepparttar 122277 four of swords representing aloneness. Maybe for somerepparttar 122278 isolation represents a pleasant type of solitude away fromrepparttar 122279 potential arguments and bad feelings that family gathering can so often instigate. For others it represents loneliness and invokes feelings of desperation and despair. Ifrepparttar 122280 separation from society and socialness is not chosen but forced uponrepparttar 122281 individual through unpleasant circumstances thenrepparttar 122282 Star card reversed may well be seen next torepparttar 122283 four of swords.

And what of all those folk who like to bunk off to freedom forrepparttar 122284 festivities?

The World: Quite literally escaping intorepparttar 122285 larger world of opportunities.

The Eight of Cups: Envisaging something better far, far away.

The Sun: For those who like to escaperepparttar 122286 cold and bask on a beach.

The Knight of Cups: This is an intrepid traveller, eager to seek out new places, people and situations. Most likely to spend Christmas climbing a mountain or sitting painting it…from a tent with a view!

For many people Christmas is a pleasure, a time to drawrepparttar 122287 family together and be close to friends. For others it's a lot of fuss and bother for one day. The Six of Coins reversed symbolises overspending, so remember to budget carefully, takerepparttar 122288 preparations in your stride…and whatever you do…enjoy a very wonderful Christmas day.

Toni has been a professional tarot reader for over 20 years and an astrologer for over 13. She is the author of The System of Symbols, a new way to look at Tarot. You can learn tarot through her website at www.toniallen.co.uk By appointment she offers private readings and tarot parties.

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