A Theme-Based Website, Part 4- How To Build The Site

Written by Julie Georg

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My META KEYWORD tag is going to start with my keyword for that page, in this example "lowfat Italian cooking". I'll also add a general keyword or two, like "cooking" and "lowfat". And perhaps a synonym like "healthful". I don't want to diluterepparttar META tag with too many words.

The META DESCRIPTION tag will berepparttar 128021 rest of whatrepparttar 128022 search engines will diplay along with my title. This will also be honest and attractive. I'll staterepparttar 128023 benefit my page offers, usingrepparttar 128024 specific keyword once or even twice, if possible, and also general keywords and synonyms.

The headlines are more important than my regular body copy, both forrepparttar 128025 engines and my visitors. And some engines don't userepparttar 128026 META description tag to formrepparttar 128027 second part of their listings. Instead they will usually use my H1 tag (first headline), andrepparttar 128028 first words inrepparttar 128029 body copy after that. So, I'll be sure that my headline contains my specific keyword for that page at least once. What I can do here is take my META description tag and chop it into two pieces... part forrepparttar 128030 headline and part forrepparttar 128031 opening paragraph of my body copy.

Next, of course, comes my valuable, OVER-delivering, "keyword-focused" body copy. I provide great content that meetsrepparttar 128032 needs of my visitors who have searched for this page's specific keyword. I also work keywords intorepparttar 128033 copy to pleaserepparttar 128034 engines. And I seamlessly work in my recommendations, complete with in-text links to my merchants.

Repeating this process for each page, I build a great site, filled with valuable content to please my visitors and deliver them to my merchants in a ready-to-buy frame of mind. Each page is focused on a specific keyword which is closely related to my overall theme, creating a site thatrepparttar 128035 search engines will love. And that will bring me lots of targeted traffic. Well, just as soon as I submit torepparttar 128036 engines. I'll cover this, and other ways to promote my site inrepparttar 128037 5th and final part of "A Theme-Based Website".

Julie Georg is a consultant to individuals and small businesses interested in establishing a web presence. She offers assistance at.. mailto:yourhelpline@mail.com Step-by-step directions for building a theme-based site can be found in the excellent, free Affiliate Masters course. Blank email mailto:tamsassist3@sitesell.net

10 Basic Search Engine Preparation Tips

Written by Detlev Reimer

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You should clearly staterepparttar benefits of visiting your site. It should be a like a little ad for your site. You should include your keywords once again but not more than twice. I'll give you an example of my own site and then it looks like this :

5.) Meta tag : keywords

The Meta tag keywords should be used to put in all your keywords that are relevant for your site . It is crucial to put your 4 most important keywords atrepparttar 128020 beginning. You can include 15 further keywords and even more .

Example :

6.) Meta tag : robots

You create a little robots.txt to letrepparttar 128021 search engine know which links it should follow. If you want to exclude certain directories, you can use special commands which forbidrepparttar 128022 search engine spiders to follow a complete path.

This can be necessary e.g. to avoid thatrepparttar 128023 search engines link to your download page where you haverepparttar 128024 articles you want to sell. An example can be found below :

# robots.txt for http://www.internetmarketing-success.com/ # file created: 16.08.01 User-agent: * # Disallow: /cgi/# exclude robots from specified tree # Disallow: /scripts/

# file modified: 16.08.01

7.) Keyword density

Your main keyword should be mentioned withinrepparttar 128025 first 8 words of your body text and can be mentioned 3 times more. The other keywords should not be forgotten, too. Try to use them at least 3 times in your text.

8.) Alt-tags for your images

Alt-tags are alternative descriptions for your pictures. If you move your mouse-cursor over your pictures, you can see this alternative text. This text is also shown if a picture is not loaded correctly. Use your keywords to describe your pictures.

9.) No tricks like white text on white background !

Some people consider themselves to be very smart and they want to outwitrepparttar 128026 search engines by putting a lot of their keywords with a font inrepparttar 128027 background colour on their pages to make it more relevant torepparttar 128028 engines.

But times have changed : The search engines recognize these tricks and as a result your pages are banned from their index. Try just to do what is necessary but don't use tricks, it won't do you no good.

10.) Link-Popularity

Many search engines like AltaVista have a new ranking concept which includes link-popularity. This means,repparttar 128029 more pages have a link to your site,repparttar 128030 better your site gets ranked.

Some of them have also made special deals with pay- per-click search engines. Those sites which rank onrepparttar 128031 top 3 will also get a high rank at "normal" search engines.

Article by Detlev Reimer. Feel free to use the article with these bylines included. Detlev has just finished creating his first product, a database program for Internet marketers which will help you to save and organize e.g. your advertising, customer and contact data. For further details, please visit : http://www.promobuddy.com/ . Sign up for his newsletter at http://www.internetmarketing-success.com/ .

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