A Tea-Lover's Soul Weed

Written by Jenny Harker

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The result was nothing short of wonderful! The delicately fragrant tea tasted like gentle chamomile with honey. A young friend describedrepparttar tea as tasting like a 'yummy dessert in a cup'.

I no longer buy chamomile tea atrepparttar 148176 grocery store. Instead I harvest my pineapple weed from a proper garden bed. I allow a few flower heads to develop into seed heads, which I collect for future planting.

(Sidebar: Why did I buy chamomile tea instead of growrepparttar 148177 herb? I'm asking myself this question. Think ofrepparttar 148178 money I could have saved! Oh, my lord. I'm an idiot.)

With good carerepparttar 148179 pineapple weed becomes a handsome soul a foot tall with attractive ferny foliage. Collectrepparttar 148180 brown seed heads from wild plants if you wish to grow it. Grow it as you would chamomile.

Pineapple weed can also be used as an accent plant with other more traditional garden plants. The chartreuse color ofrepparttar 148181 flower heads glow when mixed in with blue-flowering plants.

But be careful! We are talking about a weed, and we all know how easily weeds spread. Collectrepparttar 148182 seed heads before they turn completely brown, or you'll wind up drowning in tea.

Visitors to my garden often point out my pineapple weed bed and tell me I need to weed. I inform them I growrepparttar 148183 weeds on purpose. My visitors look at me as if I'm crazy. Weeds are pests! Has she finally lost her mind?

I explain my reason (it happens so often that explaining is growing tiresome). My visitors wind up sniffingrepparttar 148184 plants and peppering me with questions.

So,repparttar 148185 next time you're on your knees in your garden about to yank out another weed stop yourself and take a good look at repparttar 148186 plant.

You may have found a Cinderella in disguise.

Disclaimer: The results I achieved with this plant are solely my own. I am not responsible for any adverse effects you may experience as a result of consumingrepparttar 148187 Pineapple Weed. Please do not consume any wild plant until you are sure of its identification and any dangers it may pose. If you suffer from plant allergies then please check with your doctor first.

Jenny Harker is an experienced gardener, psychic, and writer. Visit: http://www.livejournal.com/~paragarden/

Introduction to Plant Grow Chambers

Written by Kirk Gordon

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Benefits of using a grow chamber 1. Self-contained 2. Energy efficient 3. Ventilation 4. Reflective interior maximizing light intensity and illumination 5. * Co2 6. Grow continuously (replace harvested plants with clones) 7. Eliminate odors 8. Humidity control

Additional notes: Overall grow chambers are an effective and efficient way to grow plants in a small self-contained area of your home. However, it's not recommended for people growing tall plants. Becauserepparttar grow area is constricted to a specific height, plants that exceedrepparttar 148015 height ofrepparttar 148016 system will possibly burn onrepparttar 148017 lamp, bend and block other plants from receiving light.

* Optional accessory add-ons

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