Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Now there are a lot of people onrepparttar side ofrepparttar 129601 road. Some are pointing at us and some are laughing. A few are throwing stones, but we incur no damage. A troop of SPIRIT is fieldingrepparttar 129602 stones so they never touch us.

The storm is right on top of us. It started with rain, and now there is lightening and thunder. We are pelted with hail andrepparttar 129603 road is slippery and winding. There are some dark, dismal buildings alongside our road. They have signs-DISTRUST, APATHY AND DISCOURAGEMENT. They are run-down, with broken windows and weeds growing all around.

There is a roadside turn-around with a lot of track marks going in and coming out. The signs reads: DOUBT-TURN AROUND HERE AND GO HOME. We pass it by just as a car makes a turn and heads on back to wherever they came from. The road is now just a slit of what it was. The clouds seem to be giving way and little specks of sunshine are beginning to glisten inrepparttar 129604 raindrops.There is a clean scent inrepparttar 129605 air - spring rain - an aromatic delight of fields and flowers. Then we see it - a rainbow - but not just any rainbow. This one has every color you could imagine. It is spread across our road like an arch and it isrepparttar 129606 most breathtaking rainbow we have ever seen. Just past repparttar 129607 rainbow we come to a town sign: YOU ARE ENTERING THE TOWN OF SUCCESS- DON'T JUST VISIT - STAY WITH US. We have arrived. We are safe and we are here. We are a little tired so we decide to rest atrepparttar 129608 hotel called GRATITUDE. We'll also grab something to eat at an inn called APPRECIATION. We have reached our destination. ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 Arleen Kaptur has written numerous articles, e-books, andrepparttar 129609 novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Websites: http://www.rusticliving.info http://www.arleenssite.com http://www.Arleens-RusticLiving.com http://www.webspawner.com/users/rusticliving/index.html

Arleen Kaptur has written numerous articles, e-books, and the novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Websites: http://www.rusticliving.info http://www.arleenssite.com http://www.Arleens-RusticLiving.com http://www.webspawner,com/users/rusticliving/index.html

How to Write a Job-Winning Cover Letter

Written by Brett Krkosska

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4. Never mention work experience inrepparttar cover letter that isn't included on your resume. This no-no equals an automatic strike out.

5. Make sure it contains no typos or poor grammar. Have someone proof your letter before using it.

6. Know what you are applying for. Be specific. Knowrepparttar 129598 job title. Never say you'll take anything available. You are a professional. Staterepparttar 129599 job title you are wanting to be considered for inrepparttar 129600 first paragraph of your cover letter.

7. I always asked candidates why they wanted to work for me. This is where they hadrepparttar 129601 opportunity to impress me by saying something like: "Because your company isrepparttar 129602 largest retailer of wireless communication devices, I feel strongly that I should position my future with a leader inrepparttar 129603 industry." Do you see what I mean? I want to know that they have done a little research. I want to know that they understand my business and atrepparttar 129604 same time they see a opportunity for self-fulfillment within my company. This is information you include inrepparttar 129605 first paragraph ofrepparttar 129606 cover letter.

8. Next, I want to know how a candidate will contribute to my company. This is paragraph number two. I want to know specifically how your set of skills and past experiences will directly impactrepparttar 129607 company. This isrepparttar 129608 "What can you do forrepparttar 129609 company?" section.

9. Never conclude a letter with a flippant "I hope you call me" type of ending. Always specify a date that you will follow-up withrepparttar 129610 company and how you will follow-up.

Applying these tips will help you to be a step ahead ofrepparttar 129611 pack. Recruiters routinely discard many applicants based solely on a poor written cover letter and resume. Since your goal is to get inrepparttar 129612 door for an interview, takingrepparttar 129613 time to create a winning cover letter is a tactic you can't afford to skip!

Brett Krkosska provides 'how-to' advice on family and home-based work issues. Get start-up guidance, business ideas and inspiration at: http://homebiztools.com Free ezine subscription: mailto:enews@homebiztools.com

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