Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Well, writing is just like that. The spark is there, but it comes in a beautiful rainbow of colors. It does give you a jump, and you will feel that you need to find paper and pencil and write this down. It motivates you to start thinking beyond that initial idea, to gently mold it, weed it, and then redo it inrepparttar form that it will finally take. You have to take that first step or nothing would happen. There would be no literary work coming forth.

Many ofrepparttar 129641 greatest writers in history wrote gems that came to them on napkins,repparttar 129642 back of envelopes, or even matchbooks. The main point is that they did write them down so that they could refine their thoughts, polish them up and have something that they could be proud to offer torepparttar 129643 general public.

Now take a second look at what you typed. It doesn’t seem so bad. Maybe, it could use a little work, a tuck here, and a push there. The monumental first step is looking right back at you. It’s there - you have it down on paper. You didn’t forget it, lose it, or throw it away. Whether you continue on this thought trend is entirely up to you. If not, put that piece of paper in a file folder that you can aptly call “Genius.”

You can go to sleep tonight withrepparttar 129644 knowledge that your folder hasrepparttar 129645 start for a literary giant if and when you takerepparttar 129646 time to work on it. Check your “Genius” file every so often. That same thought will take on different meanings, new outlooks, and strange new directions. The main point is - it’s there. You saved it - andrepparttar 129647 future of literature will someday thank you when you transform it intorepparttar 129648 next bestseller or classic.

Welcome torepparttar 129649 wonderful world of writing

©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002

Arleen has written numerous articles, e-books and the novel SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES. Website: http://www.rusticliving.info http://www.webspawner.com/users/rusticliving/index.html


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Don’t ever feel that you will be able to disseminate exactly what it feels like to be someone else. We all have trouble just trying to be ourselves. However, with your character, you will have to step back and let what isrepparttar truth come forward. Then you can createrepparttar 129640 situations,repparttar 129641 plots, andrepparttar 129642 reactions.

Every group of human beings have their particular quirks, beliefs, and moral systems. Try not to place one group’s issues and relate them through your own eyes.

Every great literary masterpiece gave credibility to their characters through writing

about them as they are. Write about their individuality, their values, and their history. Give themrepparttar 129643 opportunity to voice their contradictions and their acknowledgements. Let them be themselves and you will be on your way to a masterpiece thatrepparttar 129644 entire world will cherish.

Trace historical aspects for your character and take into accountrepparttar 129645 evolving changes to his/her particular heritage. Check items such as foods, livelihoods, and statistics. Once you have a volume of information, you will haverepparttar 129646 grounds for a great novel or article. As writers, we are so tempted to always give our opinions, our views. You are creating this character and your story’s success will be on who he/she is. Readers will agree or disagree with your character but they will learn to respect and value his/her reactions, and choices. They will, in turn, take into accountrepparttar 129647 circumstances that brought your character to this particular point in life. The most enduring characters are those that are real, life-like, and not clones ofrepparttar 129648 writer. Give your characters room to breathe, and be themselves.

I believe God does not need help in creating people. He gives writersrepparttar 129649 fertile ground of diversity andrepparttar 129650 ability to relate to readers. Give your readers reliability, authenticity, and an opportunity to decide for themselves, and you are on your way to successful writing.

©Arleen M. Kaptur

Author of numerous articles, e-cookbooks,on-line workshops. Novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Website: http://www.rusticliving.info http://www.webspawner.com/users/rusticliving.index.html

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