A Successful Link Exchange

Written by Michael McLaughlin

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And of course a websites navigation must be search engine friendly, because you will prefer to haverepparttar location of your link to be indexed by search engines.

Basically you should try to pick your link partners by first eliminatingrepparttar 119318 irrelevant links, and then choose a website that is search engine friendly and hasrepparttar 119319 potential to grow! And remember look for quality websites not high PR websites.

One ofrepparttar 119320 first signs of maturity in a person’s life is to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. For example you hit a car inrepparttar 119321 parking lot and don’t leave insurance information, you later feel bad because you know if that was your car that got hit you would be angry about it. Getrepparttar 119322 point? Good now apply that to writing emails; put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

Do you want to open another email that is titled “link exchange” or would you perhaps prefer to read something a bit more refreshing and alluring entitled “our partnership” or “link opportunity” be creative but don’t stick withrepparttar 119323 old link exchange title that is highly overused.

The content of this email, however you entitled it should be very professional and businesslike. Use proper punctuation and complete sentences, also remember to compliment part of there website that is distinguishable so they identify that you actually visited it instead of simply finding there email address in cyberspace.

Don’t trust what mom says “it’s what’s onrepparttar 119324 inside that counts.” True content does help a website grow, but rarely do I trust a websites content if its design is pitiful. Remember be picky when choosing a link partner, personalize your letter, and be professional. As a final point do not partake in spam email!

Written by: Michael McLaughlin at http://www.webmastershed.com – webmaster forum, for more articles by this author please visit: http://www.webmastershed.com/articles

5 Reasons No One Will Swap Links With You

Written by Matt Colyer

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4) Your site - In order for someone to be interested in exchanging links with your site you need to have a decent web site. The more content you haverepparttar better. Is your service that you offer useful? Or maybe you sale things. Does your products have a good description and pictures ofrepparttar 119317 products?

5) Why should they? - Tellrepparttar 119318 webmaster why it would be in their best interest to trade links with your web site. Tell them how many visitors you get per month. Also tell them why your site would be a great resource for their visitors.

Matt Colyer is the owner of the www.superiorwebmaster.com. He also is a php, CGI and ASP developer.

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