A Special Man's Triumph In The Gold Rush!

Written by Richard Bolduc

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Thomas boughtrepparttar book, and discovered, he could masterrepparttar 117914 search engines and gain some real targeted traffic to his Gold Link Website. This worked so well for himrepparttar 117915 author, and asked me for training in other marketing tactics. This led to our meeting.

I met Thomas in his third year of owningrepparttar 117916 Gold Link, and he told me of his obstacles. He had given away thousands of dollars for a front page search engine placement that never came. As well as other high traffic promises gone bad. His major problem was a lack of traffic, which equaled lack of sales, and that equaled a loss.

However, Thomas never entertained quitting. Not even close. He has been growing and adding other businesses to his multiple income streams on a regular basis. His next project will be an Internet Mall.

"What will you do with your success now Thomas?" I asked.

"Success isrepparttar 117917 progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream." Said Thomas. "My goal and dream is to walk again. I'd gladly like an opportunity be a case study patient for any Doctor looking to try a leg transplant or robotics/bionics. Since no one has taken me up on that yet, I'll just, make enough money with my Gold Link site that I'll buy them in a few years."

In a world where Thomas F. Seymour was challenged by physical limitations, he found a way to triumph. He took his eyes off of his obstacles, and focused on opportunities, until he recognized his. The Internet took away any physical limitations. He knew he could compete with multimillion dollar startup dotcom's and win. The Internet has truly leveledrepparttar 117918 playing field for all of us.

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Start Your Own Business, It's Easier Than You Think

Written by Lisa Lake

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Go to your library, Amazon.com, and search engines. Look for books, web sites, and videos about your chosen field. Give yourself a crash course. Become a self-taught expert (or even more knowledgeable than you are already.)

2. Find a group of potential customers who REALLY want what you have to sell. AND, make sure they are a group you can advertise to with little or no money. Then promote, promote, promote. Don't sit at home and wait forrepparttar phone to ring. Go door to door, send out letters, call a talk radio station, write a letter torepparttar 117913 editor, talk to an organization, or join a trade association.

If you're really serious, do all of those things and more. Buy or borrow Jay Levinson's "Guerrilla Marketing Weapons" and find a half dozen promotion methods that work for you.

3. Keep track of your money. Most ofrepparttar 117914 small businesses that fail do so for one of two reasons. The owner lost interest orrepparttar 117915 owner didn't keep good books. Buy or borrow "Small Time Operator" by Bernard Kamoroff. It tells you in simple language allrepparttar 117916 things you need to do to stay legal and keep track of money and inventory.

4. Don't give up. It takes most of a year to get a new business going. Most business owners tell me they got almost no businessrepparttar 117917 first year. The second year was better. They ended up being pretty busyrepparttar 117918 third year. The fourth year they had more business than they knew what to do with.

Ifrepparttar 117919 four steps above still sound too daunting, try working with a good reseller or networking business. They are like franchise opportunities for individuals. Usually you can get started for free or for very little cash (we're talking $30). The good ones give you lots of help with marketing, selling, and a great line of products.

See all Lisa Lake's smart tips for starting and succeeding in your own business at http://MyAdBlaster.com Her site features a list of powerful, low-cost ways to promote your business. Reach Lisa at mailto:lisa@DrNunley.com or 801-328-9006.

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