A Smart Spin for the Container-Challenged

Written by N Powell

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aroused my skepticism. Furthering my distrust wasrepparttar fact that it was an ĎAs Seen on TVí item. My experience with ĎAs Seen on TVí products wasnít very promising. I had tried Kaboom, to very disappointing results, as well asrepparttar 135136 Tap Light. My curiosity was piqued, but not my will to purchaserepparttar 135137 product.

The Smart Spin Food Storage System organizes food containers using a compact design that doesnít take up very much room. It is aboutrepparttar 135138 size of a coffee maker, occupying 1 cubic feet of space. It consists of four slots, three of which store different sized containers and one slot solely dedicated to storerepparttar 135139 lids. Smart Spin is made from plastic, but is durable and quite handy. The carousel rack spins and slides easily, providing ready access torepparttar 135140 food container you need. Internet and television ads claim that anyone can ďfind a container with a blindfold onĒ! I went onrepparttar 135141 website to get testimonials. User reviews have been quite favorable.

Retailing for around $19.95 on TV Products 4 Less and available as a bid-item onrepparttar 135142 Overstock Auctions website,repparttar 135143 Smart Spin Food Storage System comes withrepparttar 135144 spinning carousel rack and 24 clear containers with lids that fit all container sizes. The containers come in an 8-oz, 16-oz, and 24-oz variety. The gadget is easy to assemble.

Using this device, I can reclaim valuable cabinet space for other kitchen gadgets, keeping all my food containers in a single space. Iíve decided this shall berepparttar 135145 tool that gets me finally organizedrepparttar 135146 way Iíve always wanted.

I went to my local As Seen on TV retail store and testedrepparttar 135147 device. While still having reservations based on previous experience, I nevertheless tookrepparttar 135148 plunge and plunked down my $20 beforerepparttar 135149 opportunity to change my mind could present itself. I took homerepparttar 135150 device, set it up onrepparttar 135151 kitchen counter byrepparttar 135152 toaster, and fell in love. It is so easy to set up, and I am no longer bothered by cheap plastic. I am now container-clutter free and loving every minute of it.

While Iím not advocating that this isrepparttar 135153 cure for all container-challenged people, it isrepparttar 135154 right solution for me, and soon I shall be off to purchaserepparttar 135155 Smart Spin at my neighborhood retail store for my equally container-challenged sister.

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Wrought Iron Dťcor for Rustic Mountain Charm

Written by Johann Erickson

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rustic character without overwhelmingrepparttar senses. Round outrepparttar 135135 look with a wolf pack mantle piece just above your fireplace.

Cozy uprepparttar 135136 powder room with matching wrought iron bathroom accessories that will give rustic character to this most private of rooms. A decorative towel bar, hand towel ring and tissue accessories can be bordered with either bears, moose, horseshoes, fish, cabins, cowboys, horses, or any number of woodsy designs. Top your bathroom mirror with a cabin scene vanity light. This array of rustic pieces can be offset with a wispy white shower curtain and window covering, bringing to mindrepparttar 135137 morning mist hovering overrepparttar 135138 woodland coves.

The kitchen, likerepparttar 135139 rest ofrepparttar 135140 house, should feel cozy, but open, like a hunting lodge. A large, rugged rectangular table and sturdy chairs will berepparttar 135141 focus, and an inviting accent is a handsome wrought iron chandelier with four hanging globes depicting western themes such as cowboys, horses, bears, and wolves. A hanging metal pot rack suspended fromrepparttar 135142 ceiling overrepparttar 135143 stove will free up extra cabinet space. Add a splash of color with a big bowl of fruit inrepparttar 135144 middle ofrepparttar 135145 kitchen table, right next torepparttar 135146 wrought iron salt and pepper holders.

Last but not least,repparttar 135147 bedroom, with its sturdy pine bed, antique quilt and braided rug. Add torepparttar 135148 warmth with wrought iron cabin light sconces onrepparttar 135149 wall aboverepparttar 135150 bed. A moose wall shelf with hooks for hanging clothing or accessories will be both practical and decorative, completingrepparttar 135151 rustic look.

A rustic mountain lair can be yours even if you live in suburbia. Adorning your rooms with natural woodland wrought iron decor will make it feel as if your home is a charming extension ofrepparttar 135152 woods outside. The only thing youíll be lacking isrepparttar 135153 view.

Johann Erickson is the owner of Online Discount Mart and TV Products 4 Less. Please include an active link to our site if you'd like to reprint this article.

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