A Single 'MoM' Success Story

Written by Rick Beneteau

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The "how-to" of all this is much too lengthy for an article and in fact I addressrepparttar entire process in my about-to-be-released book, however, I want to share with yourepparttar 124118 words my daughter wrote to me, verbatim (grammar and all) in this year's Mother's Day card:

"Thank you for taking care of me and providing for my needs when i needed them when mum wasn't there for me:-( Yourrepparttar 124119 bestest dad i'll ever have you rock! Thank you for looking out for me when i needed someone, i know i am stubborn when it comes to someone giving me advice because i guess i just want to figure things out on my own Thank you so much for giving me allrepparttar 124120 advice you give me. I'm so proud to call you my mum and my dad

I love you"

If you're confused, I really AM her mother too.

My name is Rick Beneteau, and I'm a single parent. If I can do it, so can you!

Rick Beneteau is the author of the best-selling marketing eBook, The Ezine Marketing Machine at: http://www.ezinemoney.net

How Do You Know When You're Really Ready

Written by Robert Imbriale

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I believe that what Les Brown was saying is that if you have it in your mind that you are going to takerepparttar next step, don't wait for all things to be perfectly lined up, get out there and take that next step now!

When you stop to consider it, you and I are never really ready forrepparttar 124117 next step. We can always find reasons to put off takingrepparttar 124118 next step, or makingrepparttar 124119 next move. We are experts at procrastination!

The reality is that opportunity will only pass you by once. I procrastinated. I wasn't totally "ready" to take onrepparttar 124120 second floor of my building. Now, that opportunity has come and gone and it will cost me much more to move my entire organization to a new location in order to keep up with our rapid expansion.

It's sometimes a little daunting to make a move without really knowing what to expect on repparttar 124121 other side, but listen to this. All growth happens inrepparttar 124122 unknown!

It's not our place to know what's next. It is our place to stand up and be ready for that next step, wherever it may lead us. And, from what I have experienced in my life, it's exciting to see what happens!

It's interesting to note is that when you do make your move, things happen! For instance, had I moved intorepparttar 124123 second floor office, I would have seen an even faster increase inrepparttar 124124 size of my business. It's simply a matter of being brave, getting out of our comfort zones, and taking action onrepparttar 124125 things we already know will move us to where we want to be.

So, instead of fearingrepparttar 124126 unknown, be curious about it. Approach it with positive expectation and be ready to be surprised, thrilled, excited, and moved!

After all, life is an adventure and adventures are most fun when we show up excited, right? This is your life... and what you do with it is entirely up to you. Choose well.

Robert Imbriale is an internationally known Internet Marketing Expert who has written several books including, "Internet Marketing Secrets" which you can get FREE by going to http://www.ultimatewealth.com. Robert is personally responsible for more than $100 million in Internet sales and holds seminars nationwide where he teaches entrepreneurs how to make money on the Internet.

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