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As with most pepper sprays,repparttar effects are inflammation of mucous membranes, temporary visual impairment, difficulty breathing, sensations of burning torepparttar 125446 eyes, throat and nose, and nausea. These symptoms last about 45 minutes, but there is no permanent injury.

Ring sizes are from 6-14. You can also order separate refills of pepper spray. The stunning ring gives you that extra edge for personal protection and security.

You can find out more aboutrepparttar 125447 stunning ring and other self-defense products at www.safetyenforcer.com

Rick is a retired educator, having spent 35 years in the Midland, Tx. public schools as teacher, counselor, dean of students and director of an in-school suspension center. He also has been a broadcaster, sportscaster, employment counselor, retail salesman for a tobacco shop, wholesale distributor for a beef jerky company, and now owner of a website promoting self-defense products.

No Kids at the Wedding Please - How to Say it Tastefully

Written by Robin Williams

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3. On that same note. If you just don't want to feel like you are a kid-hater, just make a point to have babysitters at your wedding. This way no one will feel left out or "betrayed". You still have to contend with those parents AND children that have separation anxiety. You will have to make sure to tell them that if they plan to bring children with them, they must be placed withrepparttar babysitter you or they have provided, in a separate room, no exceptions. Having a room with toys and bright colors could peak a child's interest, but there is no gauruntee.

3. Use psychology. The statement, "This is a day to enjoy yourself too. Leaverepparttar 125445 kids at home (with our babysitter)", will definitely bring some of those not-so-understanding parents to your corner. The parents withrepparttar 125446 most misbehaved kids will berepparttar 125447 first to identify with this statement.

If all else fails, just rememberrepparttar 125448 important thing is that you are marryingrepparttar 125449 one you love and that nothing can change that!

Victoria Williams


Victoria Williams is the editor of the online magazine Wedding Planning From Wedding Dresses to Receptions - www.nuptialparadise.com

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