Written by Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D.

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Always remember that investing is a game just like inrepparttar casinos. The more professional you are in your approach torepparttar 151017 gamerepparttar 151018 better you will fare. All professional gamblers spend their time masteringrepparttar 151019 games they play. Investing inrepparttar 151020 stock market is no different except that you do not have to leave your house to do it! Do not blind yourself into thinking that you are “stuck at home” because of child rearing or a disability. Open your mind torepparttar 151021 possibilities that this new communication age holds. You can now invest inrepparttar 151022 stock market withrepparttar 151023 ease that thirty years ago was only possible working out ofrepparttar 151024 house. Choose your investment teachers carefully and your success will by highly assured. I wish yourepparttar 151025 great abundance in your life that you deserve because of what you are and don’t forget that happiness is found only inrepparttar 151026 precious present moment! RECOMMENDED READING: 1. Kiyosaki, Robert; “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Warner Books, Incorporated, 2000, ISBN: 0446677450 2. Hill, Napolean; “Think and Grow Rich”, Random House Publishing Group , 1976, ISBN: 0449214923 3. Tharp, Van; “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom”, McGraw-Hill Companies, The, 1998, ISBN: 0070647623 4. Shiller, Robert; “Irrational Exuberance”, Broadway Books, 2001, ISBN: 0070647623

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D., a.k.a. “The Wallet Doctor”, is a successful investor. Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. in finance. The Wallet Doctor is sought after for investment advice and coaching. For more information visit Dr. Brown’s site at www.BonanzaBase.com or sign up for his investment tips at www.WalletDoctor.com

Reading "Between The Lines" In Annual Proxy Statements

Written by Paul R. Dorf, Ph. D., APD

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“(Top Management) pay is compared to (Key Sales Management) pay to ensure appropriate internal relationships are achieved.”

While internal equity and hierarchical relationships are important in this company’s situation, Key Sales Management consists of some very highly compensated sales types that may actually push uprepparttar Top Management pay, ifrepparttar 151016 company tries to maintain internal equity. The reality is that top salespeople/producers can make huge amounts, but it is based on their individual performance achievement, and therefore it may be more thanrepparttar 151017 amount that would be paid to corporate officers. Trying to maintain an artificial differential may therefore not be warranted, nor inrepparttar 151018 best interests ofrepparttar 151019 shareholders.

“(The CEO) participates in several defined benefit pension plans, including some unfunded executive plans….The amount estimated….is….not subject to deductions for Social Security or other offset amounts.”

Most large companies have some form of Supplemental Executive Retirement Program (SERP), which provides non-qualified retirement benefits that are over and above those allowed by government regulations. The standard in designing these plans, which are typically very generous and have a time rather than performance commitment, is that other company-sponsored retirement programs, 401(k) matches, and Social Security would offsetrepparttar 151020 benefits that are provided. Although inrepparttar 151021 scheme of things,repparttar 151022 lack of an offset to these extra benefits may not be a large cost, it is still a hidden extra benefit that should be quantified and disclosed.

“As described above, in contrast to compensation in prior fiscal years, we did not ascribe a value to (the CEO’s) restricted stock units based on a 25% discount from fair market value ofrepparttar 151023 common stock to compensate forrepparttar 151024 vesting characteristics and transfer restrictions onrepparttar 151025 restricted stock units.”

At first read, this seems to make sense, but after multiple readings, we still aren’t sure what this means; haverepparttar 151026 restricted shares been discounted or not? This is an example of ambiguous and confusing language, which companies should work to avoid.

The bottom line is that while many companies are becoming better and more open at responding to regulatory and shareholder demands within their public disclosures, more work is necessary to have complete transparency. Inrepparttar 151027 meantime, letrepparttar 151028 reader be wary.

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