A Review of WebPosition Gold v2.0 BETA (Part 1)

Written by Kalena Jordan

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Although I can’t verify ifrepparttar search engines are less likely to detect you if you use this option, I can tell you it results in fewer time-outs and dial up disconnections, something that would plague my use of previous WPG versions. I now use this option by default because of its ability to stabilize missions. Regardless, given Google’s extremely strong stance against automated software, I strongly recommend you do not include Google in any ranking missions you perform. Inrepparttar 128157 past, Google has bannedrepparttar 128158 IP addresses of heavy users of such software. Instead, do what I do and select Yahoo Pages instead. This will reveal your positions inrepparttar 128159 Web Page Matches of Yahoo, fed by Google, which is a fairly accurate representation how you rank on Google anyway.

3) Auto-Email Reports  

Another handy function of WPG v2.0 (Pro Version) isrepparttar 128160 ability to automatically email generated reports. When setting up your Reporter missions, you can choose to haverepparttar 128161 Concise Report (with or without Visibility Statistics) sent to one or more email addresses as soon asrepparttar 128162 report is complete. The site URL is automatically included inrepparttar 128163 email body and you can even set up your own email template - a very nice feature if you are emailing clients their reports on a regular basis. Even if you prefer to publishrepparttar 128164 reports to a web site, now you can optionally auto email them to your clients as well. This, combined withrepparttar 128165 Scheduling tool, means once you set up your Reporter missions you can simply press a button and letrepparttar 128166 program dorepparttar 128167 rest.

4) Auto-Upload Reports  

A new feature ofrepparttar 128168 Pro Version gives yourepparttar 128169 ability to upload your ranking reports to a specific web site via FTP. The Upload Manager can either use WPG’s built-in FTP program or your own preferred FTP tool to uploadrepparttar 128170 files. WPG recommends FrontPage users should use FrontPage to upload files instead, to avoidrepparttar 128171 common occurrence of FTP programs corrupting FrontPage server extensions. Yet another time-saving enhancement, this particular feature is ideal for SEO’s servicing multiple clients or people monitoring various web sites. It took me about 10 minutes to uploadrepparttar 128172 latest WPG reports to five of my client’s sites; something that would normally take me about 15 minutes per client. Consequently, I would have to say this is one of my favourite features of WPG v2.0 BETA.   5) Filter Non-Ranking Keywords

A feature I understandrepparttar 128173 demand for but wouldn’t use very often isrepparttar 128174 ability to filter out non-ranking keywords from Reporter Missions. This enables you to email or publish ranking reports that only contain positive results (i.e. keywords that did not rank within your position search range can be excluded). Personally, I think this 'enhancement' opens uprepparttar 128175 program to abuse because it encouragesrepparttar 128176 circulation of misleading reports and distortsrepparttar 128177 true performance of a search ranking campaign. If some search terms did not perform as well as others, in my opinion, clients should be aware of this so they can make decisions about which keywords to target inrepparttar 128178 future and aboutrepparttar 128179 success ofrepparttar 128180 campaign in general. Keep in mind that if you remove non-ranking keywords from a report, your visibility percentage will always be 100%. This figure is therefore no longer meaningful and will be automatically removed fromrepparttar 128181 report.

6) Auto-Import Keywords  

Tired of cutting and pasting your keywords from your web site’s META keyword tag into Reporter? Well soon you won’t have to. The full release of WPG v2.0 will include a button that does this for you automatically. WPG v2.0 BETA does not yet include this function, just a note that 'this feature is currently in development' and will be available in a future update.

7) New Visibility Report

Another 'how did we ever do without it' feature isrepparttar 128182 new Visibility Statistics table which appears above each ranking report inrepparttar 128183 WPG v2.0 BETA. Now you can see, at a glance, how many top 30, top 20, top 10, top 5 and position 1 ranks you achieved, instead of having to manually count them. 8) Better Rank Tracking  

The Visibility Report also tells you (or your client) how many positions you moved up or down since you last ranrepparttar 128184 report, your overall ranking gain or loss and it even provides an approximate visibility score for your campaign based on your existing search positions. For SEO’s or persons managing campaigns for multiple clients, this enhancement is a real gem, turning a seemingly complex report into an easy to read search performance indicator.

9) Greater Report Customization (Pro Version Only)  

While users of older WPG versions could customize their reports by adding a logo and URL, WPG v2.0 allows you to customizerepparttar 128185 layout and colours of your reports as well. Using a drop down list of colour choices for each report area, you can changerepparttar 128186 look of your reports to match your company stationery, your client’s logo or your mood. The only annoying part of this feature is that there are no previews available of your colour choices. You need to run a report in order to see how it’s going to look. In future releases, it would be nice to see a thumbnail preview of how your chosen colours will look in a report layout, or even better, to have a range of colour templates available for selection. As well as changingrepparttar 128187 colour scheme, you can changerepparttar 128188 layout by creating your own custom template. You do this by alteringrepparttar 128189 header and footer to include logos, URL’s, text and email addresses. This is another handy feature for persons preparing reports on behalf of multiple clients.

Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia and is well known and respected in the industry worldwide. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit http://www.high-search-engine-ranking.com

"Rising Above the SEO Reputation"

Written by Kalena Jordan

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Not surprisingly, search engines have been reduced to lumping all SEO's intorepparttar "untrustworthy" basket. On their Webmaster Do's and Don'ts page (http://www.google.com/webmasters/dos.html), Google state: "Be very careful about allowing an individual consultant or company to 'optimize' your web site. Chances are they will engage in some of our "Don'ts" and end up hurting your site". Chances are? Sounds a bit presumptuous if you ask me. Likewise, at a recent search engine conference, a representative from AltaVista declared that "all SEO's could be described using four letter words". The typical Internet user can only come torepparttar 128156 conclusion that, according to some very reliable sources, SEO's are not to be trusted - now how fair is that?

Sorepparttar 128157 main problem is - how do we address this reputation issue? Do we establish and agree on a standard Code of Practise as in development on sites such asrepparttar 128158 World Association of Internet Marketers (http://www.waim.org/ethics.html), SEO Consultants (http://www.seoconsultants.com/seo-code-of-ethics.htm) and SEO Pros (http://www.seopros.org/members/practices.htm)? Do we race around locating and reporting search engine spam inrepparttar 128159 hope of improving our reputation inrepparttar 128160 eyes ofrepparttar 128161 search engines? Or do we simply follow our own set of standards and hope potential clients can come to their own untainted conclusions? Personally I'm looking forward torepparttar 128162 day when I no longer detect immediate suspicion when I tell people I optimize web sites for a living.

Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia & New Zealand and is well known and respected in her field. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit http://www.high-search-engine-ranking.com

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