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Written by Cris Anderson

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Q: What factors do you consider when it comes to use of fonts in a site?

A: A font is defined as, "A complete set of type of one size and face." Font shapes and sizes can portray many different emotions. If you use a font that does not fit withrepparttar theme of your site, then it can appear disjointed. Just think...what font would you pick for a site called, "Giraffes-R-us?" A font can compliment graphics and copy or directrepparttar 134785 eye. If you want one thing to stand out, then you can imply changerepparttar 134786 font. Imaginerepparttar 134787 entire page was in a certain font and thenrepparttar 134788 title was in another. It would draw your eye to it as it is isolated and different fromrepparttar 134789 other fonts.

Q: What in your opinion makesrepparttar 134790 difference for a site design that is effective vs. not effective.

A: Do I want to stay? I can look back at sites I have completed years ago and say that was a great design! Sure...I've learned more effects, more gold and silver textures and all that fun stuff that everybody loves, but when I look back at some of my old designs, I think wow. It's clean, it's solid, and I want to stay! I look at some sites that are cheap and I think "Wow, Somebody learned how to use Kai's power tools or Eye Candy!" You see, your parents and friends and co-workers may think that having everything beveled on your site is cool, but it just ends up looking cheap. We often confuse great graphics and effects with effective design. A site can haverepparttar 134791 most wonderful graphics you've ever seen, but that does not mean that it is an effective design. Marketing, graphics, fonts, and colors must all work in co-relation with each other to produce a site that effectively gets you sales and visitors.

Q: Oncerepparttar 134792 design is done what isrepparttar 134793 critical factor that online businesses must consider and plan for.

A: Realize that it takes hard work to make money online. We have very active site owners making sales daily, whereas some do not make any sales at all. Some people realize that they have to put an effort into e-commerce and then yes, there is a huge payoff! Online marketing and e-commerce does work! Understand though, that people are not going to visit your site and buy without any interaction from you. You must use allrepparttar 134794 tools and know inside and outrepparttar 134795 product that you are selling.

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SEE IT! LIKE IT! BUY IT!Flash Animation 101: A behind the scenes look at what's involved in creating an effective web site animation

Written by Cris Anderson

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Finally, I use another "dissolve" inrepparttar end scene to take awayrepparttar 134784 old images and reintroducerepparttar 134785 image used inrepparttar 134786 first scene. "Dissolves" and "straight cuts" are a few ofrepparttar 134787 best "transitions" to use. You will often find them in film and television, we just never pay attention to those little details. This is when one object, scene, clip or animation fades away, whilerepparttar 134788 other fades in. In digital video, one clip slightly overlapsrepparttar 134789 other clip and a "transition" is between them. I use dissolves and straight cuts inrepparttar 134790 final animation becauserepparttar 134791 objects inrepparttar 134792 final scene are positioned so that your eye is drawn to them automatically withoutrepparttar 134793 need for further animation.

When you begin your animation, make sure you have a plan. Sketch out a timeline and know what you want to accomplish before hand to avoid a chaotic and disorganized animation. Varyrepparttar 134794 style of animation to create diversity and maintain interest. This is a rule that can be applied to many things. If you bold all of your copy, then nothing sticks out. If you fade in all your text, then nothing will stick out in your animation either. Pay close attention torepparttar 134795 most important messages in your animation and use motion to drawrepparttar 134796 eye to it. Remember, not everything needs to be animated. If you do, then you will have an animation that looks like objects thrown into a dust storm. You will loserepparttar 134797 power ofrepparttar 134798 animation and subsequently reducerepparttar 134799 power of your marketing message.

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Cris Anderson, PhotoShop Guru, is a member of the Worldprofit Design Team. Let our expert design marketers work for you! Contact mailto:customerservice@worldprofit.com Want to get more expert design tips free? Take our free online course at: http://www.worldprofit.com/autoresponse

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