A Resurrection Story

Written by Janette Blackwell

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Now there’s an idea, I thought. And tears came to my eyes.

The hours ofrepparttar afternoon dragged by. My mother lay uncomplaining as I went repeatedly torepparttar 148900 nurses’ station. Yes, they said, her name was onrepparttar 148901 list of those to be picked up for a test.

Two o’clock, three o’clock. Poor Mother had eaten no breakfast or lunch, and soon it would be too late for a dinner tray.

Four o’clock. Stillrepparttar 148902 Anderson daughters crooned to their mother, talked to her, held her hand, stroked her hair. And took turns climbing intorepparttar 148903 hard, narrow hospital bed, snuggling up to her, and holding her tight in loving arms.

Her eyes were open now, as she lay there.

At four-thirtyrepparttar 148904 orderlies came for my mother. She and I spentrepparttar 148905 next two and a half hours inrepparttar 148906 bowels ofrepparttar 148907 hospital. Mother was unable to talk because of a stroke, and I stayed close to give her medical history torepparttar 148908 imaging test technicians.

At seven they wheeled Mother back into her hospital room. And while we were gone a resurrection had taken place.

Mrs. Anderson was sitting up in bed, her eyes open, a smile on her face. Beside her bed were her daughters and, of course,repparttar 148909 grocery store. Plusrepparttar 148910 remains of a dinner tray, which she had apparently sampled.

I was delighted forrepparttar 148911 Anderson daughters. Then my mind returned to my own mother. “She hasn’t eaten for more than twenty-four hours!” I toldrepparttar 148912 nurse indignantly. “And now it’s too late for a dinner tray.”

Thenrepparttar 148913 Anderson daughters kicked in. “We’ve got lots of food over here!” they said joyously. They did indeed.

We settled on crackers and peanut butter fromrepparttar 148914 nurses’ station and a banana fromrepparttar 148915 Anderson daughters. While Mrs. Anderson beamed on us from her bed.

“I was pretty sick for awhile there,” she told me with an embarrassed smile. “Butrepparttar 148916 girls said they needed me.” She gave a loving look to her daughters.

“We do, Mom. We need you! You’re going to get well.” And they returned her loving look.

When I arrivedrepparttar 148917 next day, Mrs. Anderson, her daughters, and her groceries were all gone, and an aide was putting fresh sheets on her empty bed.

“What happened to Mrs. Anderson?” I askedrepparttar 148918 aide, a new one who had witnessed none ofrepparttar 148919 drama ofrepparttar 148920 day before.

“Her? She was released this morning.”

“She was well enough to go home?”

“Apparently. The doctor thought so anyway.”

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Coping With Divorce Anger

Written by Tracy Achen

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Perspective Knowing what part he played inrepparttar problems is easy, but you also need to recognize how you contributed. Owning up to responsibility is probablyrepparttar 148864 hardest part.

Most women grew up withrepparttar 148865 image ofrepparttar 148866 “White Knight” who rides in and takes charge. The princess falls in love and stands behind her man. The only problem is that this fairy tale usually doesn’t have a happy ending becauserepparttar 148867 power of choice is removed. You are swept through life by circumstances and decisions of others.

If you can own up to your participation inrepparttar 148868 marriage, you have gained power. For example, by admitting that you stayed in a bad marriage for economic reasons, you therefore, can choose to find a good paying job and leave. When your perspective is one of choice, you gain power and control over your life.

Admitting that you put up with a bad situation out of choice allows you now to make decisions to do things differently in your new life. Once you accept responsibility for your life, be careful to not turn your anger inward. You didrepparttar 148869 best you could in your given situation. It's inrepparttar 148870 past, and you now haverepparttar 148871 power to move forward. Releaserepparttar 148872 hold that anger has over helps you to regain control over your life again. You no longer need to feel like a victim, and your self esteem will begin to rise.

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