A Recipe For Software (No Programming Required): Part 1

Written by Dave Brown

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So as you can see, hiring a programmer is not a major expense. At least not for simple software. Complex software can cost you thousands. But if you're not experienced at doing this, then I *strongly* recommend you start with a simple software idea. I often find that automating tedious tasks can be done with fairly simple software.

Why do these people work so cheap? The quality ofrepparttar work certainly isn't cheap. I think there are three major factors.

1. Real programmers just enjoy programming. If they can actually get paid for doing what they love, then they're happy. And more often than not, they aren't business people.

2. Many ofrepparttar 117203 freelance workers on these sites live in countries with a low cost of living. You'll see a lot of people from India and Romania, for example. In these cases, a good wage to them may be trivial to you (unless you also live in one of those countries).

3. Competition. When you post a project on one of these sites, you get a *lot* of people looking at it. So they're competing with one another for your money.

One more point before I wrap this up. You can get work done *fast* when you hire someone through these freelance sites too. Withrepparttar 117204 example above, I had a first draft to look at in less than 24 hours. And I believe I had a fully functional version within a week.

If you didn't feel you were in a position to create software, then I hope I've changed your mind.

It's not difficult to find a good programmer. And it can be very affordable to pay them.

Some freelance sites: http://www.rentacoder.com (my 1st choice) http://www.scriptlance.com (mostly scripts) http://www.elance.com (more expensive, but more variety) http://www.webdesignlance.com http://www.creativemoonlighter.com (lots of variety)

Dave Brown is a self-taught marketer and software developer. He also publishes the uncommon and uniquely original newsletter on making the most of your life - A Fresh Perspective. You can learn more at http://www.dave-brown.com

The Worst Job on Earth?!

Written by Tal Fighel

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Trust me, I know how you feel. It's like you're facing a mountain. Atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 117202 mountain is everything you ever wanted. But in order to get there, you have to CLIMBrepparttar 117203 mountain, and conquerrepparttar 117204 pitfalls alongrepparttar 117205 way.

I finally decided that I didn't want to face that proverbial mountain my whole life...

I knew for a FACT that my *dream* was awaiting me atrepparttar 117206 top. I could let that dream go to waste...Or I could take one step afterrepparttar 117207 other uprepparttar 117208 mountain and ACHIEVE THE LIFESTYLE I'D ALWAYS WANTED!

You see, there are no "ifs, ands, or buts" when it comes to achieving your dreams.

You simply CHOOSE success.

And then you takerepparttar 117209 steps to achieve that success. As long as you haverepparttar 117210 DESIRE (your "fuel" for achieving success) and a PLAN (your "vehicle" for achieving success) you WILL succeed...

There is no question about it. No looking back. No wondering IF you'll succeed.

Success truly IS a CHOICE.

-------------------------------------- Tal Fighel publishes Home Business Tips, a fresh and informative newsletter dedicated to supporting people like YOU! If you are looking forrepparttar 117211 "best rated" home business opportunities,repparttar 117212 latest time saving tools and helpful support from an honest friend inrepparttar 117213 business, come by and grab a F-R-E-E subscription today at: http://www.talfighel.com --------------------------------------


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