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Preview if Possible

Is there a demo you can look at? Samples of course materials? If you are considering a more elaborate, more expensive course or program, is there a “lite” version you can take first? Sometimes a 12-week course may have a 3-hour introductory version that you can take to see if you really want to commit to a 12-week version.

If you end up unsatisfied with a particular course, can you transfer, get a credit towards another course, or get your money back? Look for “satisfaction guaranteed” or “no risk” offers.


Before making any final decisions about which course format to choose, think about your situation: How much time can you allocate to studying? Can you find more time? Will you have time to do any assigned homework and/or readings?

Think about your learning modes

How do you best learn? By reading? listening? By watching? By doing?

If you enjoy reading and can learn well by doing so, a simple course format with downloadable PDFs may be ideal for you. If you are a good listener and learn best by simply listening, a basic audio course may be very effective for you. If learn best by watching, a course featuring lots of still or animated graphics and even Flash or Quicktime movies may berepparttar best way to go. If you learn best by doing, a course featuring exercises, assignments, feedback and projects may be ideal.

Of course, inrepparttar 149335 real world, most instructors present their content in a variety of ways. But if you have a choice between two courses coveringrepparttar 149336 same subject material in different ways, chooserepparttar 149337 way that you will respond torepparttar 149338 best.

Analyze your study habits

Do you study best alone inrepparttar 149339 middle ofrepparttar 149340 night when it’s quiet and peaceful? Or do you study best in a crowded, active environment like a café, library or hotel lobby? Do you prefer to study alone, or with fellow students? Do you love conceiving and developing projects, or do you simply wantrepparttar 149341 raw information?

Really think about your ideal study environment and choose your courses accordingly. For example, it may be impractical to take part in a live, interactive workshop fromrepparttar 149342 noisy environment of a popular coffee house, particularly ifrepparttar 149343 workshop included “live call in” features via your laptop microphone. If you learn best while studying with fellow students, a course featuring group projects may berepparttar 149344 way to go. If you study best alone, inrepparttar 149345 middle ofrepparttar 149346 night, an asynchronous-type (time shifted, without specific class meeting time) course would be ideal. If writing things down helps you learn, courses with many exercises that require students to post their view in discussion boards would suit you well.

Set asiderepparttar 149347 time

Managing and scheduling your time effectively isrepparttar 149348 greatest ingredient for personal success with online learning. Regardless of howrepparttar 149349 course is structured, your participation is mandatory—meaning you have to schedule your availability to ensure regular “attendance” and participation.

The best way to approach any online course is to “make an appointment” with yourself to make sure you’ve allocated adequate time for your course. Then defend those appointment times like any other. Don’t let your learning time get superceded by other issues – or even responsibilities – that may arise. Pretend like it’s a doctor’s appointment or a job interview. If you have an important meeting, everything else gets scheduled around it. Your education is important. Enter your “learning appointments” in your calendar, then schedule around it. Be sure to also schedule time to work on exercises and projects. Don’t answerrepparttar 149350 phone while you are “in class” any more than you would in an actual classroom.

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