A Quick Guide to Third-Party Credit Card Processors

Written by Angela Wu

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* Settlement fees. Doesrepparttar company charge to cut you a check each pay period, or to wire transfer your funds to you?

* How much isrepparttar 117592 reserve? A 'reserve' isrepparttar 117593 amount held back from each pay check as a "slush fund" against future refunds, returns, or chargebacks. What percentage do they hold as a reserve, and for how long? It's commonly 10%, 10%, held for 6 months before being released back to you.

* Pay frequency. Most pay either every two weeks, or once a month.

* Reliability. Talk to others who have usedrepparttar 117594 service to see if they've had any problems. If your order processor is 'down', your customers can't buy!

* Restrictions and limitations. For example, is there a minimum monthly sales quota you must reach? Is there a maximum product price you can set? Doesrepparttar 117595 company restrict whatrepparttar 117596 type of content you can sell? Do they handle only tangible or intangible products?

* Customer service. Doesrepparttar 117597 company respond promptly and helpfully when you contact them?

* 'Extras'. For example, are there reporting or tracking capabilities? Free use of a shopping cart?

Finally, here's a short reference list of several third- party processing companies:

* Clickbank, http://clickbank.com/ * GloBill, http://globill.com/ * Digibuy, http://digibuy.com/ * Revecom, http://revecom.com/ * iBill, http://ibill.com/ * 2Checkout.com, http://2checkout.com/ * Verotel, http://verotel.com/ * CCNow, http://ccnow.com/

As you can see, there are many options, so don't let a tight budget prevent you from taking orders online! Third- party processors are both convenient and affordable -- even for startup businesses.


Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a practical, down-to-earth guide to building an Internet business on a beginner's budget. If you enjoyed this article, you'll love the book! Visit http://onlinebusinessbasics.com/article.html or request a series of 10 free reports to get you started: mailto:businessbasics@workyourleads.com

Creating Your Blueprint For Success

Written by Joanne Victoria

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Benchmarking helps you stay on track without comparisons. This is where you can create goals or optimum wants that may be onrepparttar outer edge of possibilities or a goal that is far bigger than you think is attainable. Going into new territory can unlock your potential and increase your development. When goals or optimum results are achieved, you can acknowledge success and learn to be satisfied. Again, put it in writing;repparttar 117591 goals,repparttar 117592 results andrepparttar 117593 acknowledgement.

Rules require exceptions, so even if you followrepparttar 117594 above and create a strong foundation, you must be prepared for chaos. Chaos can aid in your personal and business development if you have eliminated all toxic people or commitments from your life.

Chaos can then becomerepparttar 117595 opportunity to progress rapidly into new territory. You can berepparttar 117596 architect of your own life.

Build a strong foundation and you can always remodel.

Joanne Victoria works with entrepreneurs and independent professionals who want to simplify their lives in order to create more business, more money and more time.

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