A Principled Plan

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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2) Ending standing armies and secret agencies, over time

3) International Policing of technologies such as biologics or genetics.

4) A World Court with its own policing agency andrepparttar necessary means to enforce their decisions, including IMF and World Bank support. It might not use these current names or structures.

5) The end of safe havens and tax incentives or exclusionary practices for international criminals like drug lords and arbitrageurs.

6) The end of ecological predation and destruction.

7) The creation of hope for all withrepparttar 146009 desire to participate and assistance for them to make a better and more soulful world.

8) Research into possibilities for improvement of all aspects of society that must focus on love asrepparttar 146010 guiding force.

9) Worldwide access to telomeres and gene therapy to make individuals who live in JUST societies to be nearly immortal.


Expenses would be paid for byrepparttar 146011 Advisory Panel memberís donations. They would put their assets in a blind trust and have no need of any legislated power. The truth and wisdom of their message would be all they need to do these things and more.


Principled people likerepparttar 146012 Gracchi and Cathars have tried this kind of thing since beforerepparttar 146013 time of Lactantius or Mani. Without authority there is no reason to believe effective and responsible people will want to try to changerepparttar 146014 world. Goals need to exist and mere principles based on love and other 'airy-fairy' wishful thinking ofrepparttar 146015 bleeding heart variety has no chance of succeeding.

The World Wide Web makes it a different ball game. There is a group of internationally recognized philosophers creating social salons to augmentrepparttar 146016 growing 'critical mass' of RIGHTeous people already. Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra along with their friend Wayne Dyer and others are not stupid or solely intent on marketing their message of renewal and soulful purpose. I thinkrepparttar 146017 pressure to make this organization take a more active role in government might not be taken on. In some cases they might be able to do some good in these arenas for a short time. It would be essential to never get involved in gutter politics and keeprepparttar 146018 message clean. Imaginerepparttar 146019 conflicts over who got to sit on these positions of honor and trust. Wouldrepparttar 146020 Catholic and Islamic representatives have to be female? Why have a shaman or a Yamabushi? What expertise doesrepparttar 146021 Green Party or Amnesty International bring that better people can't provide? Who is John Ralston Saul and what gives a monarch any moral standing even if he is different like Prince Hussein of Jordan? Why are there so many Hollywood people or Americans like Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Carter? The scientists arerepparttar 146022 culprits andrepparttar 146023 proselytizers arerepparttar 146024 worst criminals of all history, why let their voice be heard anymore? Who represents US!!???

The arguments would be extensive as agents ofrepparttar 146025 old order saw whatrepparttar 146026 future held for them. If this organization kept to its principles and told onlyrepparttar 146027 truth about its attackers rather than normal politics, it will succeed. There is no need to get anyone's approval or any government either.

Who would berepparttar 146028 person to start this organization? Bill Gates and his wife Marilyn could put their $17 Billion Foundation to good use in such a purpose-oriented educational medium. Marshall McLuhan was right when he said give me control ofrepparttar 146029 media and I will controlrepparttar 146030 nation. Let us all encourage each other to take back control ofrepparttar 146031 message, and make surerepparttar 146032 messenger is honest!

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

The truths about beaded, costume and cubic zirconia jewelry!

Written by Antigone Arthur

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Costume jewelry is sometimes referred to as "fake jewelry" by some well meaning but unknowing individuals. Costume jewelry is crafted from among other items, rhinestones, glass stones and gold plated metal or sterling silver. Costume jewelry first surfaced inrepparttar United States aroundrepparttar 146008 early twenties; it was very popular among European immigrants that settled intorepparttar 146009 states during this time. Movie stars and common folk alike wore costume jewelry that was carefully crafted and ornamentally designed.

Costume jewelry, particularly antique pieces, are well worth their weight in gold. Many hand crafted pieces can fetch thousands of dollars onrepparttar 146010 open market. There are some designers that are more well known than others inrepparttar 146011 world of costume jewelry:

  • Napier
  • Nettie Rosenstein
  • Ciner
  • Hattie Carnegie
  • Miriam Haskell

Even celebrities currently invest thousands of dollars on costume jewelry every year. Because unique pieces are harder to come buy and rarely mass produced anymore, some pieces created inrepparttar 146012 early 30s to late 40s can be hard to find. More common are pieces that were created inrepparttar 146013 1960s or later. Costume jewelry is fun in part becauserepparttar 146014 wearer is at liberty to make a bold statement. Not modest, most costume jewelry shouts out "here I am, look at me!" An excellent choice forrepparttar 146015 bold and daring, costume jewelry can be a wonderful accessory to just about any wardrobe.

Costume jewelry collecting has even become a favorite pastime among many jewelry enthusiasts, much like beaded jewelry trading and collecting. The appeal of both of these styles is their uniqueness and diversity. Though in some instances hard to find, costume jewelry can be easily explored via online shopping. When buying online, be sure to have in mind a price range and style before shopping. The selection available online might leave you a bit overwhelmed.

If you collect costume jewelry, you might be wondering just how much it is worth. Just as there are popular designers for look and feel, some designers work is more valuable than others, including:

  • Ciner
  • Marel Boucher
  • Eisenberg
  • Hobe
  • Kramer
  • Vogue
  • Hollycraft
  • Monet
  • Coro
  • Kenneth J. Lane

These precious gems are often marked when crafted.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic zirconia jewelry has to be amongrepparttar 146016 most popular inexpensive "knock off" jewelry items to buy. Part ofrepparttar 146017 appeal of cubic zirconia jewelry is its remarkable ability to look exactly like real diamond jewelry. Most cubic zirconia is hard to distinguish from its natural cousins.

The widespread use of cubic zirconia became popularized aroundrepparttar 146018 1980s, when it first became mass produced. It is created through a chemical process that combines zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide, which when melted together form a radiant and shiny crystal resembling a natural diamond.

Most cubic zirconia jewelry is very durable, brilliant and long lasting. Some people have to look at a cubic zirconia under a powerful magnifying glass to distinguish it from a real diamond, a testament to its quality and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for a clear, brilliant and inexpensive option to traditional diamond jewelry, don't hesitate to shop a wide selection of cubic zirconia jewelry. Buying online providesrepparttar 146019 most advantages, because there is a wider selection and you haverepparttar 146020 ability to customize your pieces withrepparttar 146021 click of a button.

Antigone Arthur is an award-winning author and freelance writer providing consumer information on such topics as beaded jewelry, costume & vintage jewelry, and cubic zirconia jewelry.

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