A Plan, What a Novel Way to do Business!

Written by Dave Jones

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Even now I have my mouse hand twitching because an e-mail has just flashed up suggesting that I need training in this evenings affiliate presentation. Well I didn't actually have time to dwell on that when I signed on, so I definitely will need to be doingrepparttar training. I was hoping to get my auto responder happening next so I hope both can be done. Yeah right, all good in plan but didn't actually count onrepparttar 116779 auto responder payment stalling and just managed to getrepparttar 116780 wind down onrepparttar 116781 training session. Oh how they must hate late entry's. So there you have it. If this is even vaguely familiar to how you're traveling I hope you don't mind my saying, you need help, and big time!

The message then; you thought I got sidetracked didn't you. Do not contemplate starting your business without a plan on how you are going to get things done. There's just an insane amount of detail you've got to get through and you'll never get there unless you plan it out. I mentioned all ofrepparttar 116782 above because I finally dragged myself out ofrepparttar 116783 forest and started making good headway. You have my whole hearted endorsement on package type deals because that's what I settled on and that's when things started going forwards.

Byrepparttar 116784 way,repparttar 116785 plan comes withrepparttar 116786 website package so once you're up and running withrepparttar 116787 package,repparttar 116788 rest, as they say, is duplicatable. Don't worry; I'm not trying to sell yourepparttar 116789 plan or evenrepparttar 116790 package and I could care less about whether you leave without buying. My point here is that if you're struggling to get started then you haverepparttar 116791 makings of an option here. Stop on by my site if you're even mildly curious to give it a go. I'm more than happy to offer any pointers, but trust me, it's all inrepparttar 116792 plan.

New network marketer in startup mode

Building Your Online Portfolio

Written by Rachel Gawith

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So whilst these passive programs are building you residual income you need your main affiliate or network marketing program which you will concentrate on promoting and which will give you a an immediate source of income. Now I actually own and run my own program at http://www.earnmoneyhere.com but I am also an affiliate of RecipeSwap (http://www.recipe-swap.com/members/rgawith/) which I think is a goof stable and fun program to promote and make a good second income. However, it does not matter what your main affiliate or MLM program is so long as you concentrate on promoting it and building your affiliate team or downline.

Then as with any business you need to ensure you haverepparttar right tools and resources forrepparttar 116778 job. If you worked in an office, you require office equipment, if you have a shop you need display racks etc.. working online is no different...you needrepparttar 116779 right tools and resources. I use Isoregister ( http://www.isoregister.com/9810354341/rgawith ) as it gives me allrepparttar 116780 tools I need in one place such as autoresponders, ebooks, articles, advertising etc etc...but so long as you have a good resource suite you are all set to market online and start building your portfolio.

But rememberrepparttar 116781 number one rule, is all online opportunities incur a certain amount of risk, but you can minimise your losses and maximise your profits by spreadingrepparttar 116782 risk sensibly across a number of stable and profitable online ventures.

Rachel Gawith (c) 2004 Rachel runs her own online program at http://www.earnmoneyhere.com and also a free weekly newsletter at http://www.freedailycash.com. Details of all the opportunities she has in her portfolio are listed at http://www.computerincome.net

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