A Picture Paints a Thousand Words and Creates Auction Euphoria on eBay

Written by Mike Ralph

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4. Have good lighting on your images a poorly lit image may as well not be there. Where possible I take mine outside intorepparttar garden, put it onto a chair with white paper behind it and take advantage ofrepparttar 139834 natural light. Its a few minutes work that pays dividends inrepparttar 139835 end in cold hard cash!

5. Never just use one image, always use at least two. I tend to use one image for every one ofrepparttar 139836 details (or faults) that I mention inrepparttar 139837 listing. This illustrates what you are actually trying to describe and helps to preventrepparttar 139838 dreaded negative feedback of 'the item wasn't as described'.

Usingrepparttar 139839 above meant my auctions stood out and I was considered to be true to my word by my buyers so much so that I have multiple return buyers andrepparttar 139840 Auction Euphoria effect is evident on my auctions as there regularly go for higher prices than similar items listed on eBay.

As I developed my auctions I realised that using eBays additional picture service was COSTING ME a large proportion of my profit so I looked into other ways of getting my pictures on my listings. I also realised thatrepparttar 139841 format ofrepparttar 139842 listings was another major factor. I wanted to userepparttar 139843 additional pictures to illustrate a detail or fault but it was no use havingrepparttar 139844 picture atrepparttar 139845 bottom ofrepparttar 139846 listing away fromrepparttar 139847 description as per eBays standard approach.

So I did some research and learned thatrepparttar 139848 answer to my problems was HTML to generate a template for my listings and allow me to pull my images into them without having to use eBays image service, sure it was still gonna cost me to host my own images but no where near what eBay was charging me. Using this has meant that my eBay Listing Fees have dropped by nearly 90%.

My buyers then started to ask me if they could use my templates and how they could include images on thier listings, advice which I always gave to them. I then decided to put this advice together on a few webpages so that they could use it as a reference and to upload some ofrepparttar 139849 templates that I have used inrepparttar 139850 past so that anyone can use them for FREE.

I hope that these simple bits of advice help you to take advantage of Auction Euphoria, and really develop your profits fromrepparttar 139851 amazing, and addictive, animal that is eBay auctions.

Mike - Webmaster and eBay Power Seller.

Online Auction Trader

FREE eBay Selling Templates, can be used by anyone you dont need to ask my permission to use them anywhere you want.

Nothing Beats Working From Home

Written by Michael Harrison

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Creating prosperous relationships.

Your contacts are vital. Nurture them, grow them and never ever ignore them or take them for granted.

Share your knowledge with others.

You are unique; you and only you know what you know. When you think about carefully it you will realise that you know more than you thought you knew. Recognise it, cultivate it and share it with others. This is your USP (unique selling point). Give it serious thought you will find it!

Marketing when you are not working.

Never stop thinking, doing marketing. As you become more experienced in your small home based business your entrepreneurial instincts will become very sharp. You will start to recognise opportunities that you would previously not have seen. When you do act on them. Action isrepparttar key. Promoting Your Business.

Itís a continuous process. Find a process that works withrepparttar 139807 minimum of effort and cost and keep it going, going, going!

WOW them with quality service.

No matter what, over deliver. You will be amazed and delighted when you and your business get recognised and you start getting repeat business and referrals. Try to know where your new clients come from.

Build trust.

Integrity is all. Never be tempted to compromise, stick to your principles and you will stand out fromrepparttar 139808 crowd. Be quiet about it. Some ofrepparttar 139809 most brilliantly successful business people are very un-assuming. But they really know what works.

Publish your way to sales.

I was recently with a new friend in his business. The business is 35 years old and is going through a lean time even though it provides very innovative manufacturing solutions.

I asked, ďdo you publish your achievements and contact businesses which are potential customers forrepparttar 139810 product you have developed by solvingrepparttar 139811 problem?Ē

You donít need me to tell yourepparttar 139812 answer.

My friend has since indicated that he will act on my FREE consultancy. I hope he does because it can only help. He was too much working Ďinírepparttar 139813 business and not Ďoní it.

If you are seriously seeking a way to start your own home based business I hope these points will help you. If you have an established business I hope there is something here which has triggered your imagination so that you can and will apply it to your business.

As we proceed we all need reference points, reference points to give perspective to our thinking. We need to be able to refer to relevant, sound, proven business building information to help us succeed.

We need help and a plan to avoid 'blind alleys' which helps us get our fledgling business to fly or our existing business to soar.

You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do! You can build a business, a successful business if you want it. It takes hard work, persistence and stamina; but itís well worth it.

It all adds up torepparttar 139814 exciting prospect of going forward to a more rewarding life where you are in control as you establish your exciting new life - working from home.

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Michael Harrison is an author, publisher and business consultant specialising in helping business owners and individuals to realise and release the full potential of their situation. He has helped many people to improve their business situations and advised and supported individuals to embark on new directions in their careers.

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