A Perspective On Your Site Traffic

Written by Dale Armin Miller

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It's probably only a matter of perspective. But you can keep that one -- I don't want it. Here'srepparttar perspective I use:

When I do something different or try something new, there are only two things that can happen --

1) It *succeeds* in bringing more traffic thanrepparttar 133629 least- productive method on my "KEEP Doin' This Stuff" list. So I excitedly add it to that list. Otherwise ...

2) It does not bring more traffic and I stop doing it ... which *succeeds* in freeing me up to dorepparttar 133630 next item (# 8,463) I'm excited about on my "TRY Doin' This Stuff" list. Plus I've succeeded in learning something that helps me to make better choices inrepparttar 133631 future.

It's probably only a matter of perspective. But studies indicate that one of those perspectives leads to more fulfillment, more happiness, more success, even more money.

If it is merely a matter of perspective, then it is something you can choose and, by continuing to choose, make into a habit.

So, if I may, I suggestrepparttar 133632 perspective that leads to more fulfillment, more happiness, more success, even more money.

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Tracking Your Success

Written by Bryan Marye

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Another often overlooked method of tracking is visitor communication. There are a variety of ways to achieve this goal. One effective method is byrepparttar installation of visitor-feedback scripts at your site. You can find a variety of free resources of this kind. ( For starters, check The Javascript Source at: http://javascript.internet.com/ ) Also, don't forget that visitor feedback is not just important as people surf your page, but when they use it as well. For example, if you sell a product, a simple feedback form atrepparttar 133628 end ofrepparttar 133629 checkout process can provide insight as torepparttar 133630 effectiveness of your checkout system. (i.e. Is it confusing? Is it a detriment torepparttar 133631 purchase?)

Finally, good old fashioned e-mail can be a great tracking tool as well. When someone corresponds with you through your site or business, takerepparttar 133632 time to ask them a very quick question. For example, from time to time when we welcome a new subscriber to our e-zine, we often write a personal thank you back, and just ask them how they found out about us. Sometimes we'll even ask what feature about our e-zine was of interest to them. Of course, you can't abuse this practice as you could end up annoying visitors/clients.... not good. But if you are brief and genuine with people, my experience is that they are usually more than willing to help and often even like getting involved. People generally like to have their opinions heard, especially if they think it may make a difference... and in a properly run business, it will.

Tracking is more than numbers and geography. It is about knowing your current user-base and using those facts and figures to grow and expand that base . As webspace and e-commerce competition intensifies, in-depth tracking is another handy tool you may want to consider to keep yourself ahead ofrepparttar 133633 pack.

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