A Perfect Fathers Day Gift: Publish Dad's Story As An E-book

Written by Wayne Perkins

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If you want to offer your Dad's story for free, designate a "Price" of 0.00.

Or you may set a price for it and earn some money. Infopost will accept credit card payments for your sales and pay you an 80 percent royalty on each sale!

Infopost.com is located at:


4. Look for a link onrepparttar top ofrepparttar 108525 page that reads, "Post Info." Followrepparttar 108526 directions on listing your e-book, includingrepparttar 108527 description, sample chapter (if you have a large e-book) and then followrepparttar 108528 simple directions to up-load your e-book to Infopost.com.

Make sure you include your author name and book title under "keywords" when prompted. Once you fill inrepparttar 108529 online forms that ask you for pricing and description information, you can post a similar book or hitrepparttar 108530 browse button onrepparttar 108531 Infopost page to find and upload your e-book file from your hard disk.

You will then be issued an URL or Internet address of your Dad's story description page.

5. Copy and pasterepparttar 108532 URL of your e-book description page to your e- mail signature and sendrepparttar 108533 URL to all of you friends and relatives. You may even register you Infopost description page with major search engines.

What about Using Search Engines to Blast My Dad's Story torepparttar 108534 World? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

You can accomplish this process for free by usingrepparttar 108535 following resources:




Are There Other Ways To Promote My Dad's Story Without Using Search Engines?

Yes, if you would like to market your Dad's story torepparttar 108536 world you will find all free e-book marketing resources at:

http://www.wayneperkins.net/ebooks hreetips.html

Summary: ----------------------------

Now isrepparttar 108537 time to give your Dad something he will cherish forever. The process of writingrepparttar 108538 book will be therapeutic for you as well.

Congratulations! You are now an official E-book author and your Dad will be honored on-line forever!

Your Dad will be proud.

Happy Father's Day.

Wayne Perkins is the best selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books" and offers consulting for e-book authors. http://www.wayneperkins.net/offer/art.html mailto:wayne@wayneperkins.net

If You Are Thinking of Publishing An eBook...May I Ask You A Few Questions First?

Written by David Hallum

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Why Do You Keep The Lights Turned Off?

Please turn them on, I want to see your pretty face. This reminds me ofrepparttar statement most every business owner has heard at least once in his or her lifetime. The statement is "Not advertising is like winking at a pretty girl acrossrepparttar 108523 room withrepparttar 108524 lights off. You know what you are doing, but she doesn't" Folks there have never been a truer statement made about advertising.

There are basically two types of advertising, passive and aggressive.

When you are first starting out you will want to use "Aggressive Adverting" and here's why. Remember I told you about those rustlers? Well, you need to brand your name in as many people minds as possible to head off those rustlers. To do this you will have to aggressively advertise. If you hate to "advertise," hire someone to do it. This is a thief prevention task that will have to be done. That's why inrepparttar 108525 old westrepparttar 108526 ranch owner would hire cowboys, they had to be an aggressive type, they had to wrestle up to a 1000 pounds of animal to putrepparttar 108527 owners mark on them. Boy has "BRANDING" changed.

After you have branded your name in a good many ofrepparttar 108528 public minds, it's time to start your passive adverting campaign, now that you don't have to worry about loosing your entire stock to those no good rustlers. "Passive Advertising" is done to informrepparttar 108529 people about your brand that you may have missed during your branding, and to remind or keep up to date those that do know your brand.

Summary - I think I've explained in this article what an ebook is, what format is best, and as an extra I've touched on marketing, branding, and advertising. I wrote this article to answer some of repparttar 108530 most FAQ's I get and to point out how important it is to advertise a new ebook.

David Hallum is the publisher of the "eBook Catalog" you can get a free copy of the email version of this catalog by sending a blank email to ebookcatalog@referralware.com It's FREE to list your ebook/s in this catalog details are in the catalog.

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