Written by John Di Frances

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Within twenty-four hours ofrepparttar attacks,repparttar 125581 nation had already seen evidence of profiteering by a small number of businesses, particularly inrepparttar 125582 petroleum industry. We are a nation at war. A war unlike any we have fought before, but nonetheless a war. Any who take advantage of this to gougerepparttar 125583 nation are unworthy of our great country. It is incumbent upon our corporate leaders to guard against evenrepparttar 125584 appearance of such practices.

A second necessary counterblow is for corporate leaders to demonstrate their resolve by boldly moving forward and not retreating in a struggling economy. We have seen massive layoffs throughoutrepparttar 125585 year. Sometimes cost cutting is necessary, however, we cannot cut our way to growth. We must innovate, reconfigure our resources and if necessary, byrepparttar 125586 sheer grit of willpower, thrust our companies forward withrepparttar 125587 ultimatum to grow. It seems today that whenever we facerepparttar 125588 slightest economic adversity, our response as leaders is to pull back, retrench and "rightsize" in an attempt to protect what we have. It is time to remember that whenrepparttar 125589 "going gets tough,repparttar 125590 tough get going." We are now engaged in a war against tyranny and terror, a war that must be fought upon two fronts,repparttar 125591 military/political front by our government andrepparttar 125592 marketplace/free enterprise front by our businesses. It is time to quit whining about repparttar 125593 economy and begin to take concerted action as business leaders to turn it around. In war, one cannot accept retreat and failure. Why? Because one's very existence is at stake. Now, our economic livelihood is at stake and with it a way of life that we cherish and well we should, as it has made usrepparttar 125594 most prosperous nation in history.

To protect this way of life inrepparttar 125595 face of those who will stop at no atrocity, no matter how heinous, to destroy it and us asrepparttar 125596 world's super power both economically and militarily, we must bootstrap ourselves out ofrepparttar 125597 current economic slump. This can be done and quickly, if as leaders we will commit to not acceptingrepparttar 125598 status quo and allrepparttar 125599 comfortable excuses that come with it. If we, in our businesses will adopt a fighting mentality, understanding that we must succeed in order to protect our nation and our way of life, then we cannot and will not fail. This commitment requires that we abandon our preoccupation with short term results and adopt a mindset of investing into America's future. We have been short changing ourselves by focusing on today's bottom line. Our decision making must be guided by where we need to be in six months, a year and five years, rather than atrepparttar 125600 end ofrepparttar 125601 present fiscal quarter. Furthermore, we must be willing to send that same message to our stockholders and debt markets. We are going for future rewards, not repparttar 125602 present day payoff.

Given this renewed mindset, we can as a nation pull ourselves out of repparttar 125603 present economic slowdown and get back onrepparttar 125604 high road to long term growth and prosperity. Some sectors that were over-invested will undoubtedly experience shakeout, but this is merely another beneficial facet of our free enterprise system. In so doing, capital will be freed up and reinvested into other sectors that offer more realistic opportunities for potential growth.

Today, we are at a national crises. Once again, we are threaten by an external enemy. Although what has happened is terrible and nothing will ever compensate forrepparttar 125605 enormous loss of life, suffering and grief, there is one redeeming aspect. It isrepparttar 125606 opportunity for men and women of vision who have been placed into positions of leadership to remind us once again that properly led, Americans will overcome any enemy, no matter how depraved. It is time for our corporate leaders to join forces, putting aside petty and selfish self interests, and publicly help our President in bringing America out of this dark hour. Our great nation deserves no less!

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7 Ways To Capture Wisdom From Your Coach

Written by Burt Dubin

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4. Develop your professional performance as recommended by your coach. Did you ever see a batter change his stance after a few words from his coach. And then see his batting average go higher? Of course. How do you suppose a great ballerina gets so graceful? Believe me, with allrepparttar natural ability inrepparttar 125580 world, she doesn't see intorepparttar 125581 design and intent ofrepparttar 125582 choreographer ofrepparttar 125583 piecerepparttar 125584 way her coach does.

5. Refine your choice of markets to penetrate in accord withrepparttar 125585 insights of your coach. Your coach knows your business. There may be emerging markets you never thought of targeting. These markets may be inrepparttar 125586 sunrise industries, industries just atrepparttar 125587 beginning of their ascendancy. Picture yourself growing as these markets grow. Imagine yourself becoming an industry expert, evenrepparttar 125588 industry expert.

6. Go afterrepparttar 125589 specific companies your coach sees as best for you. (Imagine that inrepparttar 125590 early 1980's your coach suggested that you go seerepparttar 125591 college-dropout founder of a new software company he just named Microsoft. That company is hiring lots of people who need what you have. Bingo!)

7. Develop your long-term strategy to build your career in concert with your coach. Odds are that your coach has a vision ofrepparttar 125592 possible for you transcending your own. Your coach, likerepparttar 125593 driver ofrepparttar 125594 semi next to you onrepparttar 125595 Interstate, can see beyondrepparttar 125596 horizon you see. And when you make it big-time, your coach will bask inrepparttar 125597 glow of your success. A great coach takes no credit, accepts no credit. A great coach insists that since you were onrepparttar 125598 field of play, since you wererepparttar 125599 one makingrepparttar 125600 moves,repparttar 125601 credit all goes to you.

Burt Dubin, a 20 year veteran of the business of speaking, coaches and mentors speakers and wanna-be's world-wide. For samples of his wisdom, simply go to his web-site, or e-mail Burt at burt@SpeakingBizSuccess.com. Down-load some of the 20 FREE articles and 26 FREE newsletters. 1 Speaking Success Road, Kingman, Arizona 86402-6543, USA. Phone 1-800-321-1225. Fax 928-753-7554. E-mail Burt at:

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