Written by Terry L. Sumerlin

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2.Respect is equally important. Respect means refraining from anything that would cause one’s spouse to lose face or to be embarrassed (especially in public). But it also means doing those little things that makerepparttar other person feel important and appreciated.

3. Communication has also been a big part of our marriage. We have always been able to talk it out and it has kept us together, even at times when life has been a roller coaster. Unfortunately, many have walked when they should have talked.

4.Finally, though many other things could be mentioned, independence must be added torepparttar 132398 list of things that work in marriage. Even though spouses come to naturally depend on each other for many needs, healthy relationships provide space – often. In children, smother love has been known to bring on asthma. In marriage it causes resentment.

As I said inrepparttar 132399 outset, these are things that have worked for us. You could probably add torepparttar 132400 list. However, whatever we might add torepparttar 132401 list would likely be an additional manifestation of one common quality – absolute devotion to one’s spouse.

BARBER-OSOPHY: The best advice inrepparttar 132402 world won’t work if we won’t.

Terry L. Sumerlin is the author of "Barber-osophy," a columnist for the San Antonio Business Journal and a humorist/motivational speaker. www.barberosophy.com

How To Conduct a Successful Job Search Campaign

Written by Fran Watson

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6.Set up job interviews: Either by phone contact or by sending a cover letter with your resume and indicating that you will follow up to arrange an interview. 7.Practice interview techniques: Plan what you are going to say. Discuss WHY you want to work for that particular company, WHAT you can do for them, and HOW you will fit in withrepparttar company, then practice, practice, practice. Get a list of questions and write down your answers to each one, then practice with a friend. 8.Send a follow up letter: Tell them again about your interest inrepparttar 132395 job orrepparttar 132396 company. Thank them for takingrepparttar 132397 time to interview you. Point out your special qualifications or mention something you forgot inrepparttar 132398 interview that is relevant. 9.Follow up: In person or by phone to check outrepparttar 132399 results ofrepparttar 132400 interviews, and if you are notrepparttar 132401 successful candidate, ask how you could improve your chances for next time.

Fran Watson is an Employment/Career Counsellor http://www.franwatson.ca

Fran Watson is a Career/Employment Counsellor, Workshop Developer/Facilitator, member of Toastmasters International, awarded Toastmaster of the Year 2003, received the CAPS President’s Award for Outstanding Service in 2002, graduate of Waterloo University in Social Development Studies,also involved with IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association) in promoting workplace health and safety and delivering Young Worker Awareness Programs.

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