Written by Victoria Elizabeth

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For those of you who like something a touch more radical or ribald, why not try these on for size (courtesy ofrepparttar "Strange Brew Random Beer Name Generator"):

· Flying Squirrel-Pinto Stout · Frisky Ardvaark Gueuze · Dirty Deer Doppleback · Grunting Jellyfish Pale Ale · Moose-Monk Extra Special Bitter · Sloshed Wombat Stout · Sub-Atomic Wit Brown Ale · Succulent Groundhog Day Golden Altbier

And as every “victualer” knows, you will certainly need a nifty name for your tacky tavern besides, “Stickey Wicket Pub”, “Waddling Dog” or “Toad-in-the-Hole” (which are already taken). So if you’re leisure-challenged like I am, you might want to have a wee peek atrepparttar 118170 "Random Tavern Name Generator". You might not likerepparttar 118171 "Tippling Twitmeister Taproom" but perhaps one ofrepparttar 118172 following gems might strike your fancy:

· Berserk Knave Hall · Cheerful Hippogriff Pub · Fiery Grog Cellar · Giggling Gryphon Guesthouse · Toothless Taproom · Twin Heretic Tavern

So, as they say in sci-fi movies, “Mayrepparttar 118173 Force Be With You”, as you drive home tonight withrepparttar 118174 help of a trusty taxi coupon or a designated driving dude/damsel.


The sub-atomic pale-alers among us may want to visitrepparttar 118175 “Strange Brew” website for more than 27,703,620 possible new brew names to print on those ultra-cheap “u-brew self-adhesive labels”, http://www.strangebrew.ca/beername.php.

And do drop by one of my favorite hop spots onrepparttar 118176 Net -- The Big Rock Beer folks in Calagary, Alberta at http://www.bigrockbeer.com

For those of you who want to check outrepparttar 118177 59,980 possible pub names – please consultrepparttar 118178 “Random Tavern Name Generator”, at : http://www.paper-dragon.com/fantasyland/tavernnamegen.html

Should any of you wish to pay an impromptu visit torepparttar 118179 fair city of Victoria, BC (Canada), why not book ahead and go torepparttar 118180 "Great Canadian Beer Festival" held each year in early September http://www.gcbf.com

If you enjoy musing about the little loopy things that go on in life, the universe and everything in between...drop by and take a peek at www.quippingqueen.blogspot.com.

Spiffy Life Sayings

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

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4. Practice what you preach. Just don't preach torepparttar choir.

5. Keep being amused by other humans. They don't knowrepparttar 118169 answers to life either.

6. When you start your next job, be alert about finding your next one.

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