A Note On Microsoft Security

Written by Richard Lowe

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Let's look at another analogy. Suppose you bought a car. Now, as anyone who has owned a car for any length of time knows, you have to changerepparttar oil occasionally. You can forget all other maintenance, but you had better changerepparttar 132045 oil.

I knew someone who had bought his first car. He didn't change repparttar 132046 oil, even after several people (including myself) suggested that it would be a good idea. One day his car stopped working. He was very angry, claimed no one had told him anything,repparttar 132047 dealer was evil, he would never buy that brand of car again, and other nonsense.

What'srepparttar 132048 point? Microsoft has indeed been lax in designing security into it's products. There is no question about that. However,repparttar 132049 fault is not totally with that company, and poorly designed security does not make Bill Gates or others in his company evil.

There are many other companies with horribly insecure products. Security is something that must be given a priority in product development or it is often simply overlooked and under-designed, and testing is generally not adequate. One simply fact: security is generally not a money maker for these kinds of products.

Actually, until September 11th stressedrepparttar 132050 importance, it was very common for IT managers to completely skip security in their network and infrastructure planning. Even now security is not high on many agendas.

Oh yes, most of my colleagues do think about security and are trying to do something, but it's tough to get managers and others to actually put their money where their mouth is.

Okay, back torepparttar 132051 point - security is a shared responsibility. We all have to practice security. Users must install antivirus software and keeprepparttar 132052 definitions up-to-date. Firewalls must be added and used properly. The operating systems must be updated occasionally, and security bulletins must be reviewed once in a while.

It'srepparttar 132053 same as if you owned a car, you are expected to read repparttar 132054 owners manual and bring it torepparttar 132055 mechanic occasionally. If you've got a house, you had better be spending some time making some improvements. And if you've got a computer you should learn about it. Otherwise, it just might bite you back - just like a car, a house or anything else in your life.

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ANTI-SPAM, SCAM and SPAM, What do they have in common?

Written by Mike Smith

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The nightmare didn't stop here. But I won't go intorepparttar rest ofrepparttar 132044 details here. Let me say this, I have uncovered many bad things about SPAM BLOCKERS overrepparttar 132045 last several months and found out things that will curl your hair even if you are bald. The result is that I will be writing a new E-Book exposing allrepparttar 132046 garbage and damage these programs can do to your e-mail and E-Business. The E-Book will be out within 3 weeks, it will be $3.00 to coverrepparttar 132047 additional costs we will have in production and bandwidth. It is a must read for anyone with a Puter. Yup I have about 30% of it done already so we can get it out.

You will want a copy and this is important enough that you should share it with everyone you know (unless you have someone you want to get even with. Then recommend an ANTI- SPAM program and screw them good). We are going to make it re-brandable so you can sponsor it and get it out to your visitors and customers. It is time to stop this Internet Dictatorship. With your help, we can get this out where folks can see what is happening to them.

Please do a couple of things for us.

1. Forward this Ezine to your friends, family and subscribers if you have an Ezine.

2. Give us your feedback atrepparttar 132048 new Puter Tutor Message Board. http://pub57.ezboard.com/bputercentral

3. If you have a story that will fit this please send it to me so it can be considered for addition torepparttar 132049 E-Book. Don't procrastinate. We want this E-Book out ASAP (deadline 3 weeks) Include your signature for publication. mailto:e-books@makemoneyhowto.com 4. Don't install any ANTI-SPAM software on your Puter until you have readrepparttar 132050 E-Book. Then you won't want to. If you have any, get rid of it. If you want to eliminate senders just userepparttar 132051 Block Sender in your e-mail program or use filters. We will show you how inrepparttar 132052 E-Book.

Happy Putering, Mike and Gail

Mike Smith, owner of CM/YMTC, and author of the Free "Easy Guide Series, has extensive experience with computers and the Internet, and is always willing to answer any questions about computers, software or anything related to E-Business. mailto:mike@makemoneyhowto.com His latest venture offers beginners a 4-page customizeable Website for a remarkably small investment. http://cmymtc.com/index1.htm

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