A New Way to Easily Achieve Your Goals

Written by Joe Vitale

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You may get offers, calls, or who knows what. Act on them. You never know what will lead you to your goal. Your ego cannot seerepparttar big picture. Intuition and opportunities will come to you fromrepparttar 147296 larger view, and your job is to act on them. As you do, you will be taken to your goal, even when it appears you are being blocked away. Trust is key.

Is that really all there is to it?

Again,repparttar 147297 fuller procedure in "The Attractor Factor" will take care of any snags inrepparttar 147298 process, butrepparttar 147299 basic process is simple. Let's walk through it:

1. Look around your room. What are you grateful for? Make a list. Get intorepparttar 147300 authentic feeling of true gratitude. In other words, be happy now. You don't need a reason to be happy. But if you want one, find something, anything, to be grateful for right now. When you're grateful, you're in a mental place that will attract more to be grateful for.

2. Look aroundrepparttar 147301 playground of your mind. What would you like to have, do, or be? What would be fun? Write it down. As you do, feel what it would be like to already have it now. Pretend you wonrepparttar 147302 lotto. What would you want for yourself or others? What would be fun? The key is playful non-attachment while experiencing its completion *now.*

3. Now pay attention. As you go about your life, listen to your hunches and act on them, and pay attention torepparttar 147303 opportunities and act on them. You never know what will take you inrepparttar 147304 direction of your goal. Your job is to take inspired action. You may have some work to do in this step, butrepparttar 147305 work will be from your heart, and will take you inrepparttar 147306 direction of getting your goal.

Why not go throughrepparttar 147307 steps right now?

Write them down, experience them, and then check back in a few weeks and see how they are doing. You may surprise yourself by how easily and quickly your goals are achieved.

If you find yourself doubtingrepparttar 147308 process, thinking negative, or in any way not enjoyingrepparttar 147309 simplicity ofrepparttar 147310 easy way to attain your goals, then consider learningrepparttar 147311 5 step process in "The Attractor Factor."

Above all, have fun. Keep smiling. Be playful. Stay grateful. These are all elements ofrepparttar 147312 new secret to manifesting your goals.

Rememberrepparttar 147313 words of a famous song that also perfectly summaries this new way to achieve your goals: "Don't worry. Be happy."

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is "The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) From the Inside Out." Get details at http://www.mrfire.com/factor


Written by Kim Olver

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Do you recognize your own character in any ofrepparttar above descriptions? Have you read Spencer Johnsonís book, Who Moved My Cheese? This book is an excellent description ofrepparttar 147252 four possible characters inrepparttar 147253 Change Game. Inrepparttar 147254 book,repparttar 147255 first character was a little person named Hem. Hem was afraid of change and believed it would make things worse. He avoided it at all costs. The second character was a mouse named, Scurry. Scurry ran around in circles, just attempting to do something, anything. Sometimes he was right, sometimes wrong but he was constantly in motion. The third character was a little person named Haw. Haw was slow to figure things out but eventually he adapted torepparttar 147256 change and realized thatrepparttar 147257 change could bring something better. However,repparttar 147258 real winner wasrepparttar 147259 mouse, Sniff. Sniff jumped into action early, sniffing outrepparttar 147260 terrain and making a choice on what to do next. He adaptedrepparttar 147261 quickest.

Which character are you? Who would you like to be? What would you have to give up to berepparttar 147262 character you really want to be? Would you like to make a plan right now to implement these changes into your life? It will require a commitment and a good plan.

This is where a coach can be helpful. When you identify an area in your life that requires some attention and you commit to makingrepparttar 147263 necessary adjustments, itís strange how life gets inrepparttar 147264 way sometime and we revert back to our previous ways. A coach is someone who can keep you on track and pointed inrepparttar 147265 direction of your goals. A coach will support your progress and hold you accountable forrepparttar 147266 goals you set.

Visit www.coachingforexcellence.biz, go torepparttar 147267 Free Stuff page and takerepparttar 147268 assessment called, Adaptation to Change.

Kim Olver has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a graduate degree in counseling, is a National Certified Counselor and is a licensed professional counselor. She offers free chats, assessments, a blog and an eZine, as well as workshops, teleclasses, e-courses, counseling and coaching. Visit her website at www.CoachingforExcellence.biz or contact her at (708) 957-6047.

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