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Written by Carrie Solberg

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It's just begun to catch on in America, but it's a proven commodity in Europe, where some 40% ofrepparttar population has some type of protection. In fact, Germany boasts fewer lawsuits than almost any country inrepparttar 119311 world. Why? Partly because some 80% of Germans have a legal protection plan!

Where there's easy access to good legal advice, people tend to settle their problems without going to court. You, too, can have that peace of mind, because you'll know your rights will be protected, whether it's an unfulfilled contract, a defective product, an unfair traffic ticket, an incorrect credit report, preparing your will or facingrepparttar 119312 dreaded IRS audit!

Now, as a bonus, imagine that you could provide that peace of mind to others. Wouldn't that make getting out of bed every day worthwhile? It's possible because prepaid legal services is a fast growing industry that needs quality representatives who want to make a difference -- a positive difference -- inrepparttar 119313 lives of family, friends, neighbors and others. There are thousands of internet businesses out there, selling everything from herbal supplements to stock info.

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Written by Barbara Jo Truchon

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Warning! SMALL BUSINESS GETS HURT THE WORST! If you are in business for yourself you need legal help more often than most.

Small business people sign contracts, lease offices, hire and (gulp) fire employees, are wide open for discrimination lawsuits, and more. Why are we so vulnerable? Because they know that in most cases WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO DEFEND OURSELVES!


What does your will say? If you are like most Americans it says "I am a blank piece of paper"! Or maybe you went torepparttar office supply and bought a boilerplate will where you just fill inrepparttar 119310 blanks. Or you downloaded this cool program that did it all for you? Do you know in your heart that something like that will apply in YOUR state? Not sure? What'srepparttar 119311 answer? Calling an attorney but at how much per hour? If you want to adopt a child or care for an ailing relative there are risks as well.


Educate yourself. Know when you are taking a risk and weigh risks against benefits. Next, never rely onrepparttar 119312 advice of non professionals. They won't experiencerepparttar 119313 consequences if they are wrong ... YOU will. Last, don't do it yourself. Even if you are an extremly competent person remember that legal matters are NOT a "do it yourself" project.

Barbara Jo Truchon and her team at Equal Justice for All can provide prepaid legal services for pennies a day that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Never let the expense of an attorney stop you from receiving professional advice again! Visit Barbara's website today at http://www.ejfa.com/barbarajo or her newly designed site: http://www.prepaidlegal.com/go/barbarajot

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