A New Era for Lundy’s Restaurant, Regaining the Glory of Yesteryear

Written by Louis Victor

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She went on to also say “We even want to inviterepparttar Brooklyn newspapers and television news reporters to see for themselvesrepparttar 113182 progress that we are making and will continue to make, we are not just doing this for our immediate family but also for our extended Brooklyn family. We live in Brooklyn, raised our children in Brooklyn and are excited that we have an opportunity to make a positive impact on our community.”

Their catering business is growing, they offer several different packages for weddings, corporate events, business gatherings, luncheon’s, and brunch. If you haven’t been to Lundy’s before then it’s your chance to get acquainted with them, if you have been to Lundy’s before then get reacquainted with them. Walk in and shake hands withrepparttar 113183 owners, sit byrepparttar 113184 clam bar and talk to one ofrepparttar 113185 many “Brooklyn Historians” that work at Lundy’s like Drew who runsrepparttar 113186 clam bar, or Chris who is a member ofrepparttar 113187 Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and a walking Brooklyn reference book. You can even meetrepparttar 113188 Exec Chef Russell Guarneri and see what new cuisine he has on tap forrepparttar 113189 night.

You can even just come to sit atrepparttar 113190 bar on a Saturday night, meet some new people and enjoy some clams. Come on a Sunday for brunch and watchrepparttar 113191 game onrepparttar 113192 televisions aboverepparttar 113193 bar.

This is a new era for Lundy’s and with support fromrepparttar 113194 Brooklyn Communityrepparttar 113195 Brooklyn Landmark that is also known as a “Brooklyn Tradition” to most, can be brought back to it’s glory.

The Place: Lundy’s Restaurant 1901 Emmons Avenue Brooklyn NY 11235 www.lundysrestaurant.com info@lundysrestaurant.com


Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

Written by Benjamin Bicais

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Forrepparttar initial tasting, pour a small amount in each guest's glass. Refrain from pouring full glasses until every wine has been tasted to avoidrepparttar 113180 cloud of inebriation onrepparttar 113181 senses.

Provide some neutral flavored foods for your guests. Make sure this does not interfere or clash withrepparttar 113182 wine tasting. Don't serve blue cheese if you are tasting Pinot Blancs. Try bread or crackers and a mild, white cheddar or brie.

Paper and pencils are necessary for your guests to write notes and preferences. If you regularly taste withrepparttar 113183 same group, you may want to use a designated notebook as well as articulate some additional guidelines and procedures forrepparttar 113184 tasting notes. This will create and ongoing reference point and perspective as your tastes develop.

Benjamin Bicais lives in the Napa Valley and is the webmaster of http://www.california-wine-tours-and-accessories.com

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