A New Beginning

Written by Jo Ball

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And we want to fill that spirit. And we begin our search.

What I find is that more and more people are looking for purpose - life purpose. Some come with hope - hoping to find what’s missing others come with an attitude of ‘doing’ purpose and moving on again.

Life purpose is not for doing. It is for being. It is where you rediscover thatrepparttar world is timeless. Where you fall back in love with life and handle everything from your heart and not from your wallet or your clock or your diary.

It’s about waking up inrepparttar 150137 morning wondering aboutrepparttar 150138 possibilities, rather than focussing on difficulties.

Jo Ball (LCA, Dip, NLP) is one of the UK’s leading Life Coaches. Join her fast growing Life Purpose newsletter at www.unstoppablelife.com

Getting the Job thats Right for You.

Written by Joshua Nay

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repparttar big bucks right away, evenrepparttar 150047 most un-motivated types will quickly rise inrepparttar 150048 ranks duerepparttar 150049 the enjoyment ofrepparttar 150050 work. Its as simple as this "we like to do what we like to do". And trust me, if you think finding such a job impossible, know that people get paid to do all kinds of strange and even fun things. Take for instancerepparttar 150051 professional wine taster. Or perhapsrepparttar 150052 guy who gets to testrepparttar 150053 water slides after their manufacturing.

Remember to keep these words inrepparttar 150054 back of your mind, and hopefully you'llrepparttar 150055 job that's really right for you.

Josh Nay Creator and webmaster ofrepparttar 150056 employment and job finding resource http://employmentsolutions4u.com Find The Jobs 4u

Josh Nay Creator and webmaster of the employment and job finding resource Find The Jobs, get the career

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