A Natural Bodybuilding Dó (way of life).

Written by Kevin Doberstein CFT

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The Three Tenets and The Three Catalysts Relationship. The three tenets; discipline, perseverance, and inner strength are associated withrepparttar three catalysts for bodybuilding development. The three catalysts I used for optimum muscle development are listed below. Nutrition needs (discipline) Fat-burning cardiovascular training (perseverance) And muscle transfiguration (inner strength)

Like a circle, all three intertwine with each other. Each one depends onrepparttar 149183 next one for success.

Starting downrepparttar 149184 Road of Natural Bodybuilding Success. If you are new to Natural Bodybuilding and are beginning to start a training program I wish yourepparttar 149185 best of success. If you are looking for more information about this subject, check outrepparttar 149186 Nature Boy Bodybuilding web site. It is a great source of Natural Bodybuilding information.. Remember, for successful training, userepparttar 149187 three tenets; perseverance, inner strength, and discipline. Welcome to Natural Bodybuilding and Nature Boy.

The author, Kevin Doberstein is a Certified Fitness Trainer who also owns Nature Boy Bodybuilding. You can check out his web site at “http://www.nature-boy-bodybuilding.com/” Nature Boy Bodybuilding and his Nature Boy Bodybuilding Blog” http://thor-body-building.tripod.com/natureboyblog/”. Natural bodybuilding isrepparttar 149188 main focus of this blog. Bodybuilding nutrition and fitness articles. Workout exercise programs.

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Kevin Doberstein is a Certified Fitness Trainer living in northern Wisconsin. He has been a natural bodybuilder for 25 years. His web site is Nature Boy, Your Natural Bodybuilding web source. Forever for the cause of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness.

Exercising - How do you sustain momentum!

Written by Greg Ryan

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One or two main goals a year are as much as one brain and body can handle. If you try to accomplish too many goals at once you can become scattered in your focus. You always want to focus onrepparttar big picture.


Setting three-month incremental goals that line up withrepparttar 149104 yearly goals sustains motivation throughoutrepparttar 149105 year. People get discouraged and sometimes injuries happen if they continue onrepparttar 149106 same workout plan over a three-month period.


Of course, many times people will lose momentum after reaching a certain goal. There may be a let down in emotions, physical fatigue, or you just want to change things up. The object is to keeprepparttar 149107 ball rolling.


Determine your emotional and internal goals first.

Keep your priorities in line allrepparttar 149108 time. When time is a problem, exerciserepparttar 149109 more important body parts.

Take a one day at a time attitude.

Never be afraid of changing your workout program up. Ten to twelve week programs work best.

Always put a carrot in front of your face to help meet your goals.

In a nut shell:

There is no magic potion, just hard, consistent work. Try to make your programs fun and effective inrepparttar 149110 shortest possible time you can. Give yourself a little flexibility in your goals and reward yourself for your accomplishments. Keeprepparttar 149111 big picture in mind. Set yearly goals with incremental ones in-between. As you get closer in reaching a goal, establishrepparttar 149112 next one without losing momentum.

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