Written by Liana Metal

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But you may wish to ask : Why become a reviewer?

There are several reasons for that choice. First, because you love books. If you are also an avid reader, you just canít miss this chance !

Second, you love writing. This is imperative. If you donít love writing, forget all about it.

Next, you want to get free copies and add them to your shelf. By all means , go ahead.

Moreover, you can haverepparttar latest releases. If this sounds exciting to you, then this activity itísrepparttar 107120 ideal one for you.

If you take to all ofrepparttar 107121 above, you just canít afford to missrepparttar 107122 opportunity to become a reviewer. Yet, there may be another problem: you doubt your abilities to write a good review. You feel you need some guidance on how to write a critique. There is an easy solution:

Read other peopleís reviews.

Iíve done that and it worked! So, you can do it too. I learnt all about reviewing online , all on my own. You only have to be patient and study as many different reviews as possible. Here comes another question:

But where can I find reviews to read?

Practically, everywhere. But if you would like to find some specific sites that display reviews online you can visit my site at http://lianametal.tripod.com and click onrepparttar 107123 Reviews section. There you will find a lot of URLs of sites that I send my work to. Click on each one of them and readrepparttar 107124 reviews. You can read my reviews, and other peopleís reviews. Watchrepparttar 107125 style andrepparttar 107126 language . See what comes first and what is next. The more you read ,repparttar 107127 more you learn.

If you visit my site , you will see an e books link onrepparttar 107128 home page. If you click on it, you will find another site dedicated to e books. There you will find my e book titled Writing Basics, which includes a lot of information on reviewing.

To sum up, if Iíve done it, you can do it too! And itís never too late to learn something new and exciting that will help you change your outlook on life! I am always searchingrepparttar 107129 net for something new that will add some spice to my life. After all, I have nothing to lose, only to gain!

What about you?

If you feel like I do, start now. Donít missrepparttar 107130 thrill and fun of it!

And Good Luck!

Liana Metal



Liana Metal is a reviewer and writer based in Europe. Visit her at http://lianametal.tripod.com , read her articles, and contribute. Her new books are at www.ebookad.com

My Fifteen Year Job Search

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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Before I met this paper bashing, uniformed stamping machine atrepparttar departure terminal inrepparttar 107119 International Airport in Kuala Lumpur I believed that I couldnít get a job on land because nobody would employ me. Butrepparttar 107120 real reason is that it has been a subconscious ploy to remain at sea, to earn a more than sufficient tax free income, to visit strange and wonderful lands, to get absolutely drunk at seemingly frequent intervals and to be paid to seerepparttar 107121 world in style. And now why would anybody want to put a halt to that? And so during my heart rendering searches for a land based career that I have applied myself to with my usual vigor, enthusiasm and energy that I typically give to all projects in my life, some unmentionable companies have upsetrepparttar 107122 applecart by offering me positions on land. Certainly looking back these serious offers of employment have placed a spanner inrepparttar 107123 works and have left me stumbling atrepparttar 107124 start line, unsure which way to run.

How dare they actually offer me a job when all I am doing is looking for one and then leaving me lurching in unknown territory trying to work out how to turn downrepparttar 107125 job without actually refusingrepparttar 107126 offer!

But my new found Malaysian Official has put into perspective all that has dictated my past existence for so long. I loverepparttar 107127 sea, I love earning loads of cash, I love adventure and exotic places and I loverepparttar 107128 fresh air ofrepparttar 107129 sea and all that surrounds it (more sea). And in actual factrepparttar 107130 last thing that I want to do is sit behind a desk, day in day out, staring at a screen and dreaming of what life used to be like onrepparttar 107131 high seas.

But that is what I have to do now. I have to find a steady career on land because if I leave it for much longer I will be too old to start a new life. I have to do it now because my first son is about to enterrepparttar 107132 world. And I have to leaverepparttar 107133 sea because my wife hates me being away. I have to leaverepparttar 107134 sea, I have to find a job on land and I have to do it now. Thanks Mr. Malaysian Immigration Officer at Kuala Lumpur International Airport departure terminal, you have made me realize thatrepparttar 107135 next time somebody offers me a job on land I am going to have to accept it.

Well, see what happens inrepparttar 107136 next fifteen years anyway!

Ieuan Dolby is the Author and Webmaster of Seamania . As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

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