A Motherís Day thank you- Mamma whispered softlyÖ.

Written by Greg Ryan

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But, what was Jesus thinking as he hung there onrepparttar cross looking down at his weeping mother? Thank you mamma forrepparttar 148425 kisses when I fell and hurt myself onrepparttar 148426 gravel inrepparttar 148427 driveway. Thank you mamma for helping me understand that loving and losing is better than not loving at all. And thank you mamma for being here when death is so hard to face. I have to think in some place down deep in Jesusí heart through allrepparttar 148428 pain and suffering his body was going through atrepparttar 148429 time physically while he looked down and realized his mother was there he remembered;

Mamma whispered softly, time will ease your pain Lifeís about changing nothing staysrepparttar 148430 same And she said, how can I help you say goodbye? Itís ok to hurt; itís ok to cry Come let me hold you and I will try How can I help you say goodbye?

Back then as it is today, mammas give us strength, love and many times understanding when we need itrepparttar 148431 most. Let us today and every day not forget that if it wasnít for our mothers; changes in life, hurts onrepparttar 148432 play grounds, and tears from our hearts may be just to unbearable for us to take. Thank you mom for loving us, but most of all thank you for being there atrepparttar 148433 foot ofrepparttar 148434 cross and loving Jesus Christ.

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How to Meet Other Singles by Doing Something You Love

Written by Rosemary Heenan

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Another plus has been getting tips as we play from more seasoned players. Each week my golf game is improving and I am learning more aboutrepparttar game.

We also have moved beyondrepparttar 148424 game to having dinner and drinks afterrepparttar 148425 game. We search new places to try each week and have enjoyed house parties once we knew each other well enough to feel safe and comfortable. Now we are branching out even more and going to concerts together. Everyone keeps an eye out for other events in our community that we could enjoy.

Iíve made new friends and some ofrepparttar 148426 people are beginning to pair up and see each other outsiderepparttar 148427 group. Itís a great way to introduce other people you think might hit it off, withoutrepparttar 148428 stress of a one-on-one blind date.

Now thereís always something to do on a Friday night and we are having fun. What better way to attract a partner than when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself.

Not a golfer? What do you enjoy that you form a group around? Euchre, bridge, tennis, volleyball, books? Don't stay home alone on Friday nights. Whatever your interest, there are others to meet and share that with.

Rosemary Heenan is a Certified Integrative Coach Professional. Her specialty is coaching successful, professional, mid-life women who are ready to add a great relationship to their lives. She has been a college professor for more than 28 years. Sign up for her free newsletter at http://www.rosemaryheenan.com

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