A Moment of Magic!

Written by Seamus Dolly

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A relatively difficult physical position is not necessary for temporary mental migration, and indeed, a particular type of costume designed to facilitate physical positions can be left to those who are comfortable with such costumes.

So, while disciplines are of great benefit, mentally and physically, they don’t embrace all, as all can’t easily be embraced.

As children are encouraged to forgetrepparttar enormity ofrepparttar 118147 moment, who is going to look out forrepparttar 118148 rest of us? The moments can still be enormous, and some will say thatrepparttar 118149 best days of your life is when you are young. There is more to consider, with age, as more appears to be present, to consider.

Still though, most grief and its’ facets, are personal. Your pain is unique, in muchrepparttar 118150 same way that your “toothache” is always more painful thanrepparttar 118151 stories of other peoples’ toothaches.

It probably follows then that your enormous moment is not much different thanrepparttar 118152 moments of another, except it is more personal. The point of that is while someone else can be told to cheer up, so can you, and you can tell yourself.

“You either have to know this, or use something that will bringrepparttar 118153 same results”.

“A sense of humour is a sense of spiritualism, or a sense to achieve it”.

Humour is more universally social and less universally personal than negative emotions. Indeed, it a morale booster with known value in production, andrepparttar 118154 only thing of value in a predominately negative situation.

Seamus Dolly is at www.CountControl.com


Written by Theolonius McTavish

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So, after forty days of paripatectic pondering inrepparttar seclusion ofrepparttar 118146 "Hundred Acre Wood", (including 960 hours of going around in little circles, and 39 nights of counting sheep), they came up with a ground-breaking, politically-incorrect 'man-power' strategy (affectionately known as "PLAN-B").

Althoughrepparttar 118147 stupendous plan was woefully short on details, at leastrepparttar 118148 election of an awe-inspiring 'Grand Pooh-Bah of Everything Important inrepparttar 118149 Universe' was hailed as a neat way to boostrepparttar 118150 flagging morale ofrepparttar 118151 lads. On second thought, it might also have had something to do with givingrepparttar 118152 bureaucrats plenty of time to sharpen their pencils, or just an excuse to haggle overrepparttar 118153 best bang-for-the-buck on how to saverepparttar 118154 world fromrepparttar 118155 scourge of wimps and wusses.

Ifrepparttar 118156 devil is inrepparttar 118157 details, then they surely must have been lost forever inrepparttar 118158 small print of all this blessed bumpf. And for those who missed out onrepparttar 118159 "Grand Thoughts About Nothing Summit of Great Minds", there's still time to sign up for courses like "Where to Findrepparttar 118160 Best Haycorns", "Useful Pots to Keep Things In", and "Knowledge Management for Bears of Very Little Brain".

After all, who in their right mind could refuse a mispelled engraved invitation to a seminar on "Hunny-Making Tips", a CD sampler of "Popular Hip-Hop Hums" not to mention a "smackeral of something" around 11 o'clock, plus a client feedback form covered with those ubiquitous smiley faces, and an autographed personal copy of "PLAN-B"?

No doubt prozac-popping Poohs, materialistically-challenged Rabbits, anxiety-disordered Piglets, donky-depressive Eeyores, hyper-active Tiggers, brilliant but dyslexic Owls, single-parenting Kangas with at-risk Roos and detached-personality Christopher Robins will find these amusing activities just a tad taxing on their simple cerebellums.

Byrepparttar 118161 way, play-with-your-food fanatics, petting zoo herbivores, and wee wabbit workers should definitely consider a career change. According to PLAN B, "Our mighty man-power strategy guarantees a marvellous, bright, new future for MANkind, especially those who pursue a challenging eco-adventure career inrepparttar 118162 emerging field of heffalump and woozle hunting." ...Oh won’t that be fun tiddley pom! ...Another gold star tiddley pom. ...Ho hum tiddley pom.

LESSON FROM HUNDRED ACRE WOOD: If one whistles long enough while digging a Deep Pit to trap a heffalump or one wanders aimlessly inrepparttar 118163 wilderness with a pot of honey to catch a woozle, one's definition of these elusive critters will vary withrepparttar 118164 weather, one's appetite, andrepparttar 118165 volatility ofrepparttar 118166 Animal Kingdom Happiness Index (AKHI).

Theolonius McTavish, itinerant scribe in the palace of the esteemed "Quipping Queen" (www.quippingqueen.blogspot.com), and one whose eclectic interests include how to build "The Good Ship Lollipop", biodegradable hexagons, and "Sleep Country" mattresses

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