A Mini-Course in Ezine Publishing

Written by Terri Seymour

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#Article Writing

This is one ofrepparttar best ways to build your subscriber base. Writing and submitting good articles builds trust. You establish yourself as an expert and people are interested in other information and knowledge you have. If your articles are effective, people will subscribe right from your resource box. This isrepparttar 124289 write-up that you add torepparttar 124290 end of each of your articles explaining who you are and what your business is. Always include your subscribe address and your email address so people can easily contact you.

I have just touched briefly on each of these methods to give you an idea of some ofrepparttar 124291 many ways you can promote your ezine. One ofrepparttar 124292 things you want to remember when publishing an ezine: ALWAYS provide quality content and limitrepparttar 124293 number of ads in your ezine. Your subscribers are very important to your business, so never take them for granted. Give them what they are looking for or they can find it in one ofrepparttar 124294 other hundreds of ezines available onrepparttar 124295 net.

If you have any questions concerningrepparttar 124296 information in this article, feel free to email me anytime.

Terri Seymour owns and operates MyOwnEzine.com MyOwnEzine.com is a website, ezine and service which provides the resources, tools, guidance and more to help you start, publish and promote your own ezine. You can contact Terri at mailto:ter02@newnorth.net Subscribe at mailto:subscribe@myownezine.com or visit http://www.myownezine.com for lots more info.

Robb's Classics Newsletter

Written by Stephanie Collins

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In additon we are also working on bringing information about Classic Car Clubs to this site. Currently located under Car Clubs we have rounded up information from one area Club. Stop in and see what fun your missing. If you are affiliated with a club, you can host your Clubs information on site for FREE. In additon to promoting your club, we tailor ourselves around your ride. Would you enjoy a picture of your car? Catch me at a show and I will gladly photograph it for you. You can getrepparttar pic from our online show pages, or I can print it out and mail it to you. 8 X 10 high quality prints are available for purchase. Speaking of which, CD's are available from most ofrepparttar 124288 Rochester Area Shows.

Whether you need to fix up, rebuild, or maintain your vehicle we are here to help. Browse threwrepparttar 124289 vast collection of Manuals here. Or if you are interested in finding that special car book for your gearhead, we can help you there too. So there you have it, Robb's Classics in a nutshell. Always changing, trying to improve each step ofrepparttar 124290 way. If you do bookmark this site, please remember to refreshrepparttar 124291 page as it is always changing. We now have a Guest Book to leave your mark and let me know how I am doing.

Additional Cars for Sale:

1974 Gold Duster 1963 Falcon 1968 Chrysler 1979 Camaro 1934 1980 Trans Am

Summer Sizzlers

We are very proud to announce that startingrepparttar 124292 week of June 10th The Log Cabin has teamed up with Robb's Classics online to bringrepparttar 124293 excitement of Wednesday Nights Cruises' right to your home. Stop in and seerepparttar 124294 past weeks turn out, learn what special events will happen, or click to see your car online. So much excitement. A little inside tip, there is alot of additional family fun starting up. Make sure you stop in often so that you don't miss any of it.

Robb and I are very proud to hostrepparttar 124295 website for Mopars of Greater Rochester NY. If you own or are a fan of Mopars you should stop on in and say hi. This might be a new club, but they have a full schedule lined up for this season. Once more welcome torepparttar 124296 scene and we personally can not wait to enjoy all that Mopar action.

Spencerport Canal Days Photographs fromrepparttar 124297 show. I wanted to also take a moment and say a few words aboutrepparttar 124298 event. Fromrepparttar 124299 first time I met everyone who would be working on this show I knew I had foundrepparttar 124300 opportunity to meet wonderful people. Never in my wildest dreams did I realize what it took to put a show like this together. We had allot of fun doing this. Gotrepparttar 124301 opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. Thanks guys & gals. For those who signed up early and came day of show, spectators as well. Thanks,repparttar 124302 show would not have been what it was without you. We had a great turn out of cars from all over even Florida and Orchard Park. Sorry mother nature had to let loose atrepparttar 124303 end, but we really did enjoy having you. To our special guests from The Rochester Rattler cheerleading team & The Brett Bodine Racing team, you where fantastic andrepparttar 124304 presents of all of you makerepparttar 124305 day even brighter. Hope to haverepparttar 124306 chance to see you all again next year (If not sooner).

See for yourself online at http://www.robbsclassics.org

Webmistress and photographer for Robb's Classics.

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