A Micro-Entrepreneur's Most Valuable Resource

Written by Mike Morgan

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*------------- TIP --------------* Even better, check you local used-books store for a copy. I picked up a copy for my state at a used-books store for five dollars! *------------- TIP --------------*

Since you have Internet access, why not take advantage ofrepparttar SBA's wealth of online information? The main site is located at http://www.sba.gov

While you're there, sign up for one ofrepparttar 117601 SBA newsletters at http://web.sba.gov/list/

Then, go to http://www.sba.gov/starting/indexsteps.html The series of pages starting here will take you step-by-step throughrepparttar 117602 process of starting your business--from "Your First Steps", through "Do Your Research", through creating business plans and finding counseling.

Finally, visit http://www.sba.gov/classroom/ which features a series of online courses ideal forrepparttar 117603 micro-entrepreneur.

The advice of friends, family, and associates are certainly valuable. But by taking advantage ofrepparttar 117604 Small Business Administration's offerings, you can be sure you are getting researched, accurate, timely, and professional advice. The SBA is designed especially for you, so if you want to do as much as possible to ensurerepparttar 117605 success of your venture, don't waste this valuable resource.

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10 Ways To Generate Astronomical Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Make your visitors curious about your product by telling them they need to sign-up to get into a password protected site to readrepparttar rest ofrepparttar 117600 ad.

8. Rememberrepparttar 117601 little things about your web pages really count. Includerepparttar 117602 title of your site atrepparttar 117603 top right corner, a description about of your site, etc.

9. When you ask someone to sign-up to receive a freebie, don't ask for really personal information. This is a fast way to lose a potential prospect.

10. Remember newsgroups are still pretty popular. You could post your ad in ones that allow it or you can leave messages with your sig file include.

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